5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android

5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android
5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android

We know today free Android games aren’t always free, but many of them are actually very close if you are a little patient. Usually, Freemium bottlenecks are witnessed when you get impatient.  We have collected some best free Android games that you would be able to play comfortably without having to purchase too many in-apps! Here are the 5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android.

5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android

1. My Talking Tom by Outfit7

My Talking Tom by Outfit7
My Talking Tom by Outfit7

It is based on the unique Tom characteristics, which are loved by fans globally. This new My Talking Tom has more fun than ever before. When you talk he will talk back. You can poke, stroke and tickle him till he purrs and falls down. In addition, you can tap his feet and see him hop around.

With this new app, players are rewarded as they play and help Tom grow through his nine life stages which include baby, toddler, teen, and adult. With the progress of the game, you can unlock new items and coins as they go. By unlocking new items and coins you can decorate his home, opting for creative and crazy furniture or decor. You can pick from a range of different furs for their Tom. My Talking Tom inspires constant love and attention.


  • Progress and get rewards
  • 50 levels and 9 stages
  • Emotions are life-like
  • Teach Tom to talk
  • Nurture Tom
  • Use creativity

2. Night Vision Spy Camera by Sergio Barbara

Night Vision Spy Camera by Sergio Barbara-5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android
Night Vision Spy Camera by Sergio Barbara

Have you ever wanted to be a spy during the night? Now you can! The app lets anyone see things in the dark. When the environment has a low light this will no longer be a problem. Snap photos and even record videos with ease.

Night Vision Spy Camera is an app that allows you to snap pictures at night in very low light. This is what the publisher promises, but it may not the same quality as there is no infrared camera fit in the app, as the application simply takes a standard photo and then adds a green filter to it to so that it appears to be shot at night.


Imaging sharing with:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tango
  • Viber

3. Traffic Racer by Soner Kara

Traffic Racer by Soner Kara-5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android
Traffic Racer by Soner Kara

This app is a milestone in the sector of endless arcade racing. You can race your car through highway traffic, earn money, upgrade your car and buy new ones also. You can become one of the fastest drivers on the global leaderboards. In a way, it is endless hours of arcade racing at its best! Weave the car through the highway traffic, scoop up cash, upgrade or buy new cars. Dominate the leaderboards.


  • 3D graphics
  • Car handling is realistic and smooth
  • Choose from 17 cars that are all different
  • Enjoy detailed environments: city night, desert, suburb, and snowy
  • Four game modes: Free Ride, Two-Way, Endless, and Time Trial
  • NPC traffic is rich
  • Customize wheels and paint
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

4. Skee-Ball Arcade by Scopely

Skee-Ball Arcade by Scopely-5 Must-Have Free Game Apps for Android
Skee-Ball Arcade by Scopely

If you love Skee Ball, this app is perfect for you tucking your hobby into your pocket. With this app, you can spend hours and hours of fun playing against other players from any part of the world. It is a fusion of the classic recreational game with many new features to make it even more exciting.

The gameplay in this app is the same as we all face in our real lives. You need to take the ball and aim to drop it in the hole with the most points. It also offers plenty of power-ups and new challenges making this game even more entertaining. You can combine the power-ups prudently to beat your opponent.

Have the right aim if you want to win as everything else in the game can feel like random madness. You simply need to practice as you can’t tell exactly what you’ll do each turn. Now practice to get the highest scores possible and unlock more content.

You can link your point with Facebook, competing against your friends for the highest score. Play Skee-Ball against your friends or new players across the world. When you download the game today there are bonus power-ups worth $4.99 to be given away for free.


  • Win fabulous prizes when competing in daily tournaments
  • Play many games at once
  • In-game messaging for chatting
  • Power-ups are explosive
  • Game achievements unlock brand new content
  • Connect with any friends via Twitter, SMS, or Facebook
  • Enjoy machines that are unique like Pinball, Basketball, Galaxy, and Candy

5. Hay Day by Supercell

Hay Day by Supercell
Hay Day by Supercell

Grab a totally different farming game for your Android. The game is free to play, but there are items that can be purchased during playing.

Get ready to work the land while raising cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens.

Gravest crops and get ready to grow your land by building sugar mills, dairies, and bakeries. Advertise any products for sale on your farm through the local newspaper. Set up a roadside shop and get ready to trade those delicious goods with friends.

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