The 8 Best Android Cardio Workout Apps

Best Android Cardio workout apps in 2019

If you are health conscious and want to strengthen your muscles then the best exercise is Cardio workouts. Not only these workouts boost your immune system but also help in losing weight. Before you begin on these workouts it is to remember that you need to ask your medical practitioner or family doctor whether such kind of workout is best for you or not.

Also as these cardio fitness is not one type of workout form you each individual has its own set of things to do. Like for some people you can do with high intensity training or do slow pace workouts.

Now that you feel to do join this type of health fitness program, you need to find where to do it. You may look for gyms or Pilate centers for this type of workout or begin yourself at home with wonderful android apps. There are so many of cardio workout apps that are available for your Android phone and you can easily begin and start your workout in routine daily with these apps. Interested on doing such type of fitness program with your Android then here are the few best of Android cardio workout apps in 2019

1. Daily Cardio Workout

Daily cardio workout app

Daily Cardio Workout app contains three 5 to 10 minute daily cardio routines for men and women that step you through some of the best cardio exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, will whip you into shape in no time. The routine’s simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. The unique thing is you don’t need any internet to use this app as it works offline too. There are 28 exercises to complete in this app.

This app costs AU$5.99 at the app store. Click here to download now for your Android mobile.

2. Cardio workout: Home Cardio Trainer, Training app

Cardio workout app

This app aims to help you get into shape by providing you with a 30-day cardio training plan. All exercises listed here can be performed at home, so that will probably save you quite a bit of time. The 30-day Cardio training Challenge is a simple 30-day training plan. They do a series of exercises every day.

There are days off to ensure that you have the right recovery time. The intensity of the exercise is slowly increasing. At the end of this 30-day cardiovascular exercise program you will definitely lose weight, feel better and stronger. Cardio training program is suitable for men and women. Daily Cardio workout Free is a daily 5 to 10 minute Daily cardio workout for men and women that guides you through the Daily cardio workout at home

Click here to download now

3. Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts

Cardio fitness app

Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts free app is meant to help you lose weight, tone muscles, and improve health, says the developer. This application is suitable for both men and women, and the app offers a low impact variant of each cardio exercise for beginners. If you want to maximize results, you can unlock a 6-week advanced training program, though you’ll have to pay up for that, of course.

Click here to download now

4. HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify

Cardio workout by Fitify

Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify is free app that provides you with free workouts & exercises to boost heart rate and burn fat. With Fitify, you can burn calories wherever you are, no equipment is needed.

Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify provides 5 unique workouts: High Intensity Interval Training a.k.a. HIIT, Classic cardio you do to burn fat during a workout for longer time period – typically > 30 minutes, Set of dynamic jumps to boost explosive power and effectively burn calories and Low Impact Cardio for older people or people recovering from an injury. There are over 90 bodyweight exercises designed for men and women, young or old and the app works without internet.

Click here to download now.

5. Burn fat workouts – HIIT training program

HIIT Training app

This is one of the best-ranked HIIT training app for Android mobile and it sure offers an interesting UI, which is graphical and quite functional. The app offers over 60 different burn fat exercises, with different levels of complexity. All of those exercises are detailed in video, audio, and text instructions. The app also offers a complete slimming training for three months, if that’s something you need. There are a ton of more options / features included here. Click here to download now.

6. 30 Day Cardio Exercise workout

30 day cardio

30 Day Cardio Exercise workout app, as its name says, offers a 30-day plan for cardio exercising. This app is also meant to be used at home, as are all other apps, while it is meant to help you lose weight and generally get into shape. The app offers a reminder feature, just so that you don’t forget a workout session, while it also comes with a bunch of health tips that will help you stay in shape. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you in this 30 days cardio workouts challenge! Set goals and support each other for 30 days. Social support is very important in achieving goals and staying motivated, particularly when you set up workout challenges like this. Click here to download the free app now

7. Fitify: Full Body Workout Routines & Plans

Fitify full body workout app

This is the second app provided by Fitify, and much like the first one, it offers really great UI. This app actually provides various exercises that you’ll need some additional workout equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and so on.

There are over 850 exercises included in this application, and even if you don’t have extra equipment, you can still use it. The app works offline, and a voice coach is included here, as are HD video instructions. The download and usage of Fitify is free of charge. Get your training plan and extra features with the Pro version, which is available on a subscription basis. You can always cancel the subscription in Google Play/Subscriptions. When you cancel, access to the Pro features will expire at the end of the current payment period. Click here to download now

8. HIIT Workouts | Sweat & lose weight in 30 days

HIIT workouts

This free app is also aiming to help you lose weight in a 30-day time period. The developer claims that four minutes of HIIT workouts are equivalent to a regular 1-hour of regular cardio. This app is beginner-friendly, as there are various levels of exercises that you can try out. Personal trainer with voice and video instructions is a part of this package, while the app’s UI design is spot on. Short and effective hiit workouts that will make you sweat and get your heart rate up and you burn fat and lose weight with as little as 4-7 minutes a day. 
Click here to download this free app now

Now use these  best cardio workout apps on your Android and start your fitness program right at your own home. Note that free apps offer in app purchases if you want to subscribe to their cardio program.

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