How to Play No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR? Step by Step Process

Want to Play No Man's Sky on the PlayStation VR? Know the Process
Want to Play No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR? Know the Process

You can launch into the VR version of No Man’s Sky from inside the headset. For this, you will have to put on the headset and start the game from there. To start the game you have to put the PSVR on and you will get the big-screen version.

Steps to Play No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR

It is easy to learn the stepwise phase! First, you need to start the game with the headset already on and running.

  • Log in to your PlayStation 4.
  • Start the Move controllers.
  • Turn the PlayStation VR on.
  • Navigate to No Man’s Sky using the move controllers.
  • Press X to launch the game.

You are good to go!

You can now play No Man’s Sky VR mode. Before playing the game you will have to set up your play area. Not setting up your play area will still display the game in your PSVR, but you cannot interact with the game in the same way.

If you start No Man’s Sky first and after this put your PSVR on you will go into the cinema mode of the PlayStation. It will turn your PSVR into a giant static TV screen. You cannot use any of the head tracking or any of the motion controls in this mode.

Are you looking to play in VR?


Enjoying No Man’s Sky in VR is a great experience. Hello, Games hasn’t just included VR in the game, it has clearly thought about how the player should connect with the world around them. You can lift the handle inside the cockpit to open the canopy and then there is the complete redesign of the interface which is there on your glove.

So, if you want to play No Man’s Sky in VR, you can do it frequently as this game is what VR was designed for. You can explore unlimited worlds and immerse yourself in those worlds.

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