Mobile Games Shares 60% of Global Gaming Revenue

These days mobile games are gaining a lot of attraction from millions of people. It’s contributing to the gaming revenue. All these have made the gaming industry one of the most powerful revenue churners. Mobile games shares 60% of global gaming revenue by 2021.

This situation is going to stay here for a long time. As per an analysis from Newzoo, which was shared by Google shared on the Android Developers Blog. Mobile games shares 60% of global gaming revenue by 2021.

M- Technology Giving Way to Mobile Games Development

Mobile Technology Giving Way to Mobile Games Development

There are over three billion users all over the world. As a result, smartphones more accessible and advanced in the past few years. With the evolution of mobile technology, it has started making a breeding ground for newer games. In addition, it adds a newer dimension to the gaming genre in the form of high-quality mobile graphics, impressive processing speed, and unlimited data plans for an engaging gaming experience.

The gaming industry has attracted many people. For instance, content creators, game influencers, ad dollars from companies who are striving to reach global users, along with new game franchises.

Developers creating More Hi-tech games


As per Google, the booster of this growth is available in many forms, which includes more developers creating more popular games, new title styles extinguishing the lines of conventional genres, and the growth of gaming in emerging markets — mostly in India.

As a result, there are several gaming software companies creating hundreds of titles every week with new and smarter technology and features. This trend of high-end games is growing every day with the growing evolution of technology and players’ demand.

Technology firms releasing new tools


To give this trend a new boost several technology firms, tycoons like Google are launching some new tools for developers who are involved in creating Android games. As a result, it will help them to develop the most advanced, entertaining and engaging titles. Most importantly, the Play Store’s pre-registration feature is now open to be accessed by everyone. As a result, this will make the developers promote and market their titles after their official release.

Game Market Revenue

A report published on the Global games market in 2018 says that the revenue generated from mobile gaming has increased to +13.3%. With 25.5 per cent mobile game industry increased to $70.3 billion, the console game industry increased by 4.1% to $34.6 billion, and the PC game section by 1.6% to $32.9 billion. Meanwhile, smartphone games earned 41% of the revenue in the mobile game industry and 10% from table games.

Google Celebrated Mobile Developer Day in 2019

Google shared the annual analysis report, in which the mobile game apps are expected to touch the graph of $180 billion of revenues by 2021.

To support game development, Google plans to share and support its best practices to help the gaming business develop on the Android platform. It is investing in tools to enable the game development company to keep an eye on what is taking place on the device.

A team has been dedicated to addressing the feedback on the multiplayer experience, high-quality graphics, development process, and other aspects. Above all, they have released new tools and new updates for better monetization and game search on Google Play.

Updates that Goole Shared

1. Android App Bundles

Android App Bundles

Today, almost 60 thousand games and apps use Google’s App Bundle to release their games and apps that support Cocos Creator, Android Studio, and Unity.

They have increased the size to 150MB for the APKs generated from App bundles. And have elevated the threshold for large download user warnings on the Play Store to improve the gaming quality experience and reflect on improved devices.

2. Pre-registration

Today, game development companies can pre-register in the Google Play console to start pre-market their games. As a result, they can pre-market their products. The users of the pre-registration campaign will receive a notification at launch, which will add to the installation from day one.

3. Instant Google Play

Instant Google Play

For the past 6 months, Google Play Instant adoption has increased by 5 times for instant sessions and 3 times for instant games. Tapping on the ‘Try Now’ button will take the users to instantly experience the demo without having to install the game. As a result, it is possible to build Unity and Coco’s plug-ins.

4. No Major changes in Gaming World for a Decade

As per the forecast for Global Game Market, the user will spend $180.1 billion on games by the year 2021, with an increase of 11% between 2012 and 2021. In a few years, the gaming industry has seen a bang on growth. In addition, it has grown from a small segment to a significant double-digit billion-dollar industry. With this growth, the revenue generation of the console and PC gaming industry will remain unaffected.

Recently, the console and the PC game market have displayed consistent growth. As per a report, PC games are expected to generate 22% of the market and console games will generate 24% of revenue.

5. Console and PC Has a Bright Future

Console and PC Has a Bright Future

The console segment grows in the market as publishers improve the in-game spending possibilities and retain the revenue point. It is expected that by 2021 esports and live streaming will enhance console gaming. This segment will grow by 4.1% to $39.0 billion.

The Boxed/Downloaded PC games will grow +4.2% and generate $32.3 billion by 2021. The PC games increase their growth with esports and competitive play based on many different reasons. In recent years, the pay to play PC games has declined and has reduced the pressure faced by the segment towards revenue generation. As popular games are operating with potential monetization, no new games can replace them.

Growth of Mobile Gaming Influence the Marketers

All marketers, advertisers, and brands have understood the ubiquity of mobile devices and the dominance of mobile gaming are the trends in the global gaming industry. Most brands are aware that the viability of marketing the gaming app users in many different ways, like branded integrations, custom characters, levels, and playable brand ads.

Most high-end gaming brands are relying on influencer marketing to reach, create awareness, and enhance downloads. The huge user base of the mobile gaming apps provides the advertisers with umpteen opportunities to understand the best possible ways to reach the remote and varied demographics and help them in crafting a potential influence marketing strategy.


From the above facts, it is evident that mobile game development companies have a bright future as the market demand and in-game purchases are in great demand. It will benefit the developers and the audience both.

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