T-Mobile will use 100% renewable electricity

T-Mobile, a US-based wireless network operator, often promotes itself as the Un-Carrier in the United States. It aimed to position itself as a 100% Renewable Electricity User by 2021. T-Mobile will use 100% renewable electricity by 2021.

As per the announcement of T-Mobile, it’ll join the RE100 bandwagon to start using 100% renewable energy sources. The objective of this company is to become a 100% renewable electricity user by 2021. To achieve this target, T-Mobile may cut down its total energy costs by $100 million over the next 15 years.

Contract with two wind-power generating companies


The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere said – “It’s a new way for the company to do the right thing. We are moving to renewable energy is just a step toward achieving this aim”

To start this initiative, T-Mobile has made join hands with Infinity Renewables’ Solomon Forks Wind Project. Through this, 160 MWs worth of renewable energy will generate and started working in early 2019. As a result, the wind-powered electricity was first started to generate in the past December, via this deal with Red Forks Wind Power.

With these two major deals together, T-Mobile has plans to generate 320 MWs of power. As a result, it is sufficient to cover 60% of the company’s nationwide energy use.

An example for others to follow


RE100 Head Sam Kimmins said it’s great to see T-Mobile US switching to renewables for its power consumption. As a large electricity consumer in the US, they can change the energy systems by offering major renewable capacity online. This will add real value to their customers.

An Example of other Pioneers

This is a great step towards using renewable energy by a giant power consumer in the US. Above all will encourage many other companies to save the earth by developing an eco-friendly concept.  

Organizations, like the Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Resource Solutions, recognize the Un-carrier as the leader in green power.

After signing on to Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Green Direct program, T-Mobile gained access to several local winds and solar renewable energy sources. In conclusion, these will power its Bellevue, Wash., headquarters making it 100% renewable energy by 2021.

T-Mobile – Approved by Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission

T-Mobile is the only company that the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has approved. It was approved in the second round of offerings for PSE’s Green Direct program. With this collaboration, T-Mobile will buy clean energy from local wind and solar energy resources. In addition, it’ll also buy the biggest solar projects that are built in the state of Washington.

T-Mobile Recognized by EPA

The EPA recognized the Un-carrier for its dedication to progress the developments of U.S. renewable energy markets. In addition, it was awarded during Green Power Leadership Awards in Houston.

The CRS recognized T-Mobile “as an industry leader who is innovative and champion in renewable energy. As its actions are supporting the accelerated development of green power markets.”

As per Legere, “T-Mobile has chosen green power to help grow America’s green energy market also,”

He added he is proud of his team for earning a name for their hard work.

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