What is in Google Pixel Buds 2?

Google has organized the Pixel 4 event by introducing truly wireless Pixel Buds. The first-generation Pixel Buds had a loop around the neck, but with the Pixel Buds 2, Google is all set to join the league of the true wireless bandwagon.

What is in Google Pixel Buds 2?


Pixel Buds have been designed to provide the best comfort to the users. It did not come as a surprise at all because Google has already facilitated this in-ear detection technology. This in-ear detection mechanism instantly identifies when they are plugged in your ear. And once it detects, the outer flat surface provides you touch controls and using this you can control the volume and can play, pause, and even adjust it.

1. Great Comfort and Easy Volume Adjustment

Great Comfort and Easy Volume Adjustment

The earbuds can adjust volume given your surroundings, and there’s a special tiny exit at the bottom that allows some ambient noise to sneak in. It also features touch controls on every earbud that enables you to adjust the volume manually and also control music playback.

The Pixel Buds 2 has been designed to sit flush with your ear properly, and these earbuds come with high-end long-range Bluetooth connectivity that helps the users to stay connected from up to three rooms away when indoors. It can work across the range of the entire diameter of a football field. These earbuds at the water and sweat resistant, thus a great choice for working out or any sports activities.

2. 24 Hours Battery Life

24 Hours Battery Life

These earbuds are interesting as it also has a stabilizer fin to make sure you get a secure fit. It also has two microphones in each earbud, and there’s a voice accelerometer that identifies speech through the movement of your jawbone to allow you to make calls even in extreme conditions. You can also get hands-free access to Google Assistant using the “Hey Google” hotword.

These earbuds can offer you 5 hours of battery life from a full charge, and the charging case will provide another 24 hours of charge. The Pixel Buds 2 is available in four colours: Snow White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black. You can have the Pixel Buds 2 from Spring 2020 for $179. So get ready to own these high-end earbuds that Google has to offer for just $179.

3. Great Sound Quality

Great Sound Quality

Google realized that the Buds must offer “excellent sound quality”. We all have kept our fingers crossed in the hope they bring big improvements over the first-gen model and this journey starts with custom speakers. It features a special vent underneath the buds to cut down the ‘plugged’ feeling and allow some environmental sounds, while the volume will automatically adjust given the user’s condition to them having to lower and raise it themselves.


The earlier version of Pixel Buds was introduced in 2017 along with the Pixel 2 series smartphones to compete against the Apple AirPods but it lacked the wireless factor of the AirPods. Today, Apple has upgraded its headphones with the latest in-ear AirPods Pro. With the release of the upcoming Pixel Buds, Google will ultimately hop on the bandwagon of truly-wireless headphones.

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