Google Pixel 4 will receive updates until October at the very least

Google’s Pixel series is popular for receiving updates for long even after other brands have given up on their phones. The Google Pixel 4 devices are no exception as the firm promised three years of updates. Google Pixel 4 will receive updates until October 2022.

Now, Droid-Life has confirmed on its updated support page that the Pixel 4 phones will continue to receive security and Android version updates until at least October 2022.

This assurance certainly puts Google’s commitment into perspective and claims that the Pixel 4 series will receive Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 for sure.


So if you have a Google Pixels 3 or Pixel 3a series smartphone, you would certainly schedule to receive version/security updates until October 2021 and May 2022 respectively.

You must not miss out on the fact that this is a minimum commitment by Google, and it’s earlier issued updates to Pixel devices that are no longer qualified to get them.

It’s rare to witness such a commitment like in the Android aspect, but of OnePlus and Nokia have supported the trend for a few years. Both these companies have brought Android Pie to much older devices. And they’ll lead to take charge of Android 10 adoption too. Therefore, lengthy update pledges are going to become the norm sooner.

Google’s Future Plans

Google has of late updated its support pages with its future plans for updates about its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Google has launched two handsets at the company’s annual event. It’s expected to be among the longest-survived as long as firmware updates are concerned. It will keep getting new versions of Android through October of 2022.

The same deadline applies for getting the updates of security patches. It will also continue to provide phone and online support for the two smartphones till October of 2022.

That supports Google’s existing policies, keeping the end-of-life date on both support and updates till 3-years from their launch. Although Google is not known for its great support, still users will help for longer than average.

Google Updates are Faster

Google Updates are Faster

The trend of quick updates to stay ahead of the competitors in the Android smartphone segment will continue to exist. As Google creates and ships the updates directly to its users, it’s able to complete the task of updates quite faster. Very few OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can keep up with the updates on time, practically sending out software as much as a year later.

Adding New Features to the new Google Pixel 4 lineup

Adding New Features to the new Google Pixel 4 lineup

Google is setting a standard for new operating system updates which is one of the many perks that a Pixel handset is going to receive. The updated under the hood hardware and specs are part of this package. Also, with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google is also including a few extra hardware and software features to make this device more worthy and competitive.

One of the greatest updates is the addition of Google’s Soli sensors at the front area of the handset.

Adding Soli Radar Sensors to Pixel 4

Adding Soli Radar Sensors to Pixel 4

Now, Soli will sit next to camera sensors on the front of the Pixel 4 devices. This is not actually used for the cameras. It is packed with radar sensors for touch-free gesture controls and revamped facial identification. In collaboration with AI, it can have accurate facial recognition even in pitch dark conditions. There is much more that it can do.

Google specified, during the launch, about these sensors along with AI. It can easily differentiate between gestures and usual movements that the user might otherwise make.

Helps Prevent Accidents

It Helps Prevent Accidents

In this way, it can also prevent accidental gestures while responding to deliberate gestures. That means it can differentiate between different types of gestures also. Although there is still scope for improvement.

With quick updates, Google can push updates to other features rapidly. We should expect the same with Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL too over the next three years.

Launching Android 10

Launching Android 10

It is quite clear that future Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL updates or support will bring something aside from the usual security improvements and much better features and usability. The news is, that Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will have Android 10 built-in.

It means apart from Pixel-specific features, it’s going to feature some of the most required and preferred features. To start with, Google has amazingly improved gesture navigation over when Android 9 Pie was first launched. You will find a dark theme in Android 10. It will apply automatically to a growing range of apps, including many of Google’s apps.

Google has also improved quick responses and replies. It has tried to offer more safety controls in users’ hands rather than handling it all themselves.


Google Pixel 4 will receive updates until October 2022. These are some of the most awaited and frequent updates that you can expect in a few months and years from Google about its Pixel 4 handset.

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