Pokie Magic Apps for Android

Pokie Magic Apps for Android
Pokie Magic Apps for Android

What is Pokie Magic?

Pokie Magic is a virtual pokie and slot machine game site that are the world’s best. All their games need online product activation. These games are in place strictly for fun and entertainment. You will not win or invest any money. Here is all about pokies magic for android.

What is Pokie Magic

Requirements to Download the software

You download, you need an internet connection or WIFI is needed. The software is not for real money gambling environments.

Requirements to Download the software

When downloading the software; you do not get any warranty with it. If there is damage of any kind to your device pokie magic and its suppliers are not accountable for it. When you decide to run the software it is at your very own risk. You need to proceed to download the software. Here is how to play pokies magic for android.

You will not get any registration codes in advance. You get codes once you make payment.

How to open an account and get a registration key


To get a registration key, you will first have to purchase a game app at http://www.pokiemagic.com/mobile/android-games.htm.
You get the registration key after making purchase within 24-48 hours.

It is going to look similar to this 32405787898877878077DJZK. When the code has been received then bring the game back up and enter the code in the designated box and click ok.

For future play, it is easier to click on the automatically register games online. Then at any time if you decide to upgrade the game the registration code will already be there.

Click here to start

Their Games


Pokie Magic has made their games for entertainment purposes. Before being able to purchase the games you will have to be 18 years old. You can find these games on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

When using iTunes to grab the game remember you will need an active account or the download is not going to work. There are even countries that the download might not be available to. Each game will cost a small fee one time. Then you can play forever for free.

Most Popular Games (Egyptian Dreams, Barons Bonanza, Dolphins Dice, Totem Treasure, Mystic Panda HD, Monkey Money)

  • Egyptian Dreams – This slot machine likes to hand out nudges. Free spins trigger with wilds and scatter.
  • Barons Bonanza – Shoot the Baron out of the sky and your winnings will be doubled. There are 500 free spins to acquire on these 5 or 6 reel machines.
  • Dolphins Dice – There are 50 pay lines, wilds, scatters, sunken treasures, and a crab pot jackpot where you could slam dunk 75 million dollars of real money!
  • Totem Treasure – On these 5, 6, or 7 reels there are lots of Totems to be discovered. Totems trigger multipliers, special features are triggered, free spins to snatch up, and multiply winnings 256x.
  • Mystic Panda HD – Enjoy playing with the panda on 1, 2, or 4 reels. There are dropping symbols, mines to be explored and progressive jackpots to be won.
  • Monkey Money – Play with the monkey and grab the money with a wildcard, two different scatters, bonus games, and by placing power bets. Can you grab the money before the monkey does?

Recently it launched its new pokies game called the Mystic Genie Slots.

How can you play pokies magic with your Android?


It’s simple to play pokies magic on your Android smartphone. All you need is to visit the Google Play store and download the free pokie magic casino app on your Android mobile.

  • Play as a guest or login with your Facebook Account
  • Grab a 20,000,000 free coin welcome bonus
  • Play Vegas Style pokies and win awards as well as bonus coins
  • Level up and unlock more free pokies to play
  • Double up in all games and multiply your wins by up to 256

Games you can play on your Android Phone


Here are a few of the different pokies games that you can enjoy right now with your Android Phone.

  • Egyptian Dreams with the fantastic Pharaoh feature!
  • Dolphins Dice with the Treasure Chest Feature and mystery multipliers for every feature spin!
  • Monkey Money 2 with the Wild Monkey Feature!
  • Mystic Panda with the Mystic Bonus Wheel and many feature combinations!
  • Kalahari Sun with the Golden Mask Feature!
  • Mystic Palace – with up to four reel sets in the Double Lucky Gong Feature!
  • Barons Bonanza 2 and more.
  • Kalahari Sun Deluxe and Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Jackpot games!
  • Barnyard Gold.
  • Dragon Dollars.
  • Mega Hearts.
  • Castaway Pirates.

Pokie Magic is a new way of experiencing the casinos and the pokies without gaining or losing money. The pokies are played with free coins so you can place a bet and send the reels flying around.

There are wilds, scatters and even special bonus games that can be played just like you would if playing for real money. You can even dominate the leader boards every week by competing against people around the world. There is even a forum that you can join for having questions answered or jumping onto a team of four.

The most popular Free Pokies Magic App for Android


With free pokies magic app to play pokies magic on your Android phones, you can get to experience the best of Vegas pokies. You can start with the majestic Egyptian Dreams, win the Pharaoh Feature Bonus and be stunned by the rewards Cleopatra may offer! Progress to Mystic Palace, Monkey Money 2, the Pandalicious Mystic Panda and more! You can also download this free app for Android from Amazon

This app requires 4.1 Android compatible device and has in-app purchases if you want more free coins to play where 20,000,000 Coins cost AU$2.99

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