Apps for Informing a User’s Phone Usage On Android Phones

Apps for Informing a User’s Phone Usage

Many people do not know that they spend much of their time on their phones. A minute cannot pass by without monitoring your phone for any updates or to call someone and maybe to answer a text message. Some people are so used to their mobile phones that they will keep checking their pockets in case the phone is not in their hands. It is for this understanding that our website, pokies for Android has introduced some of the very interesting apps for an Android phone user to check how many times they were using their phones.


The Checky App

Checky is an app that will help you to get to know the number of times you have searched for your phone and picked from where you left it. Although you are so attached to your phone, there are times that you might require to put it down so as to concentrate on something else.

Some Android phone users still pick their phones to check even though they know that there is nothing to be updated about. Also, some forget and get themselves picking the phone. Checky App will tell you how many times you picked your Android phone in a day and even tell you the minutes that you used it before putting it down.

The app will allow you to set for yourself a daily limit on picking your phone, so as you can avoid using the device more than you need it.

The Moment App on Android

Moment App got designed for the Android phone for checking and getting information on how many times you have checked your device. The app is devised in such a way that the user finds it comfortable to use on their android phone. It provides you with much fun since you can be able to share the information with your colleagues. You will be able to understand how many times you opened your phone and just why you need might need to reduce the rounds of checks you do on the Android phone.

Planning To Use the Apps?

It is a useful approach that you have decided to get to know the number of times you have used your phone. The app can help you to monitor your android phone usage and only use it when you have something important to do on the phone.

You can make a change so as to avoid getting addicted to your android phone.

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