Take That Smart Thingy To The Power Bank

Power Banks are now an essential, most specially if you’re a smartphone user. Since you are out and busy most of the day, you can hardly get the chance to leave home with fully charged batteries. But not all Power Banks are the same. Let us give you some idea what factors you need to consider should you buy one.

Auto-Cut Feature

With a constantly active mobile data running, the odds are high you get to consume your power quickly.  But just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you need not mind if your Power Bank is already overcharging your unit.  It is important to choose one that simultaneously cuts down the process once you reach 100 per cent charged.

Check The USB Cable Charging Gauge

If you are getting a Power Bank, make sure you use the right USB Cable with thicker gauge. Some chargers are rather slow if the power can’t pass through the thin wires that quickly. For that, you have to know how to read the gauge wires. USB Cables are usually represented with data gauge and power gauge. The initial reading is for the data and is followed by the charging wire. It is recommended to get 28/24-gauge cable to handle fast charging.

Recharging Intervals

Like most rechargeable batteries, Power Banks comes with an ideal life cycle before you replace it entirely. Many Power Banks could give you up to 500X recharge cycles in its full lifespan. You will notice that once you have exceeded the suggested capacity, it will no longer charge like before.


Last but definitely the most important, you have to consider your Power Bank’s capacity. Sometimes, the commercials would tell you exaggerated accounts about their certain product. Although not all, but you have to know that 20% of its power is drained throughout the day whether or not you use it. So, that means you have to content yourself if you get around 80-85% charging capacity.

Here is the List of Power Banks You Might Want To Check Out:

There are quite a number of Power Banks you can find in all shapes and sizes. The designs range from elegant, stylish and even one resembling your favourite Lucasfilm character.

  • Anker
  • Zendure A5
  • Mimoco
  • Mipower Power Tube 10000
  • Veho VPP-004 AS Ayrton Senna Pebble Smartstick+ 3000mAh
  • Ozaki O! Tool Battery D26
  • Kimtigo KTD-501
  • Emie Devil Volt
  • Airborne Tech AT Tough Rock
  • Xiaomi Mitu

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