Google’s Announcement About Smart Watches

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The emerging new technology of voice controlled smart watches seems like something that emerged straight out of a science fiction movie. This technology has now become a reality with Samsung introducing the smart watch to its recently launched range of gadgets. Gadgets are now becoming wearable in the foresee-able future.


On Google Watch

Google has made an announcement that it will be putting efforts to develop the smart watches as well as other wearable gadgets on the Android operating system. Google plans to debut gadgets that will be able to do a variety of functions including tracking your heart rate whilst connecting to your phones and tablets.

Droid Competition

This Android Wear project has sparked a new market for software engineers to create new apps for watches. This will spear head Google as the leading seller of the smart watch. However the race is now on as Apple has also expressed interest and projects that will compete and rival Googles products with the Android operating system. Google has already proven to be a leader in the market, with its video blog posted on the site boasting clips of people using their smart watches to control music, send and reply to text messages and check sports scores. Other cellphone giants like LG and Motorola have also announced they will be launching their own version of smart watches.

Fashion Faux Pas

Google still is unshaken as it has also partnered big and accessory label Fossil Group Inc. This partnership will also boost the smart watch to be more marketable and appeal to a bigger market share due to its fashionable appeal and aesthetics. The smart watches manufactured and produced by Google will be able to connect wirelessly and will be fitted with numerous sensors. The app will give the user an opportunity to monitor their fitness when exercising.

Want it now?

With Googles announcement of the new range of smart watches, this is a clear indication in an apparent technological shift in our time. The evolution of computing has evolved from just mobile devices. We may one day replace cellphones with this wearable device. A smart watch will become a necessity we cannot do without similar to how cellphones are to us now in this generation. Communication will entirely become a complete fashion accessory that can be attached to our bodies at any given time.

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