Stash of the Titans

Stash of The Titans is pokies game based on Greek Mythology. There is a story in this animated game that shows a scene whereZeus turned himself to a shower of gold to woo Danae as a result of which Perseus was born. Medusa gives a kiss while the Perseus and Pegasus fly over the seas. Cerberus snaps his jaws wildly. The Minotaur snorts through his nostrils and brandishes his sword. Also awesome background music adds tempo to the excitement in this 5 reel 20 payline pokies game.

The Symbols in Stash of the Titans

You will find symbols are related to Greek tradition and history. Medusa the Gorgon with snakes for hair and who turned people to stone is the scatter symbol. Perseus the hero who slew Medusa is seen astride the flying horse Pegasus. Then there are a host of mythical creatures that include Hydra the many headed serpent, Cyclops the one eyed giant, Griffon with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, Minotaur the man with the head of a bull, the half man half horse Centaur, the three headed dog Cerberus who guards Hades and the half man half goat Satyr. All symbols are crafted in cartoon caricature style. All symbols exhibit animations. Stash Of The Titans Logo is the wild symbol.

Stash of the Titans
Stash of the Titans pokies game

The Stake in Stash of the Titans

Stash Of The Titans has a reasonable range in its betting options. There are 20 paylines and players can wager up to 10 coins per payline, making a maximum of 200 coins per spin. The coin denomination can be varied from 0.01 to 0.20, with stops of 0.05, 0.05 and 0.10 in between. The betting options can be selected in the usual manner by operating the buttons below the reels.

The Jackpot and Wins in Stash of the Titans

The highest fixed jackpot is 500 coins for the Perseus symbol and the second highest fixed jackpot is 400 for the Treasure Chest symbol. A combination of only these two symbols on an active payline yields a fixed jackpot of 350 coins. The other symbols have lower payouts. At first these payouts appear to be ridiculously low. In order to assess their true worth they have to be taken with the wild multipliers. If a winning combination is made with one wild symbol the normal payout is doubled. Likewise two, three, four and five wild symbols multiply the normal payouts four, six, eight and ten times respectively. Hence, if a combination of five Treasure Chest symbols is made with two wilds the payout is 1600 coins and if a combination of five Perseus symbols is made with three wilds the payout is 3000 coins. All wild symbols in an active payline pay ten times the highest jackpot. This amounts to 50,000 coins if 10 coins have been wagered per payline.
Stash of the Titans Games Feature

The Scatter Symbol Payout in Stash of the Titans

Medusa is the scatter symbol and offers scatter payouts when two or more Medusa symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Five Medusa symbols offer a scatter payout of 50 times the total bet. Three or more Medusa symbols appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the free spins bonus round in which 15 free spins are awarded with payouts multiplied 4 times. Hence the maximum payout during the free spins is 200,000 coins.

How to play Stash of the Titans with Android

Stash of the Titans for android is available at all Android casinos

  • Visit Jackpot City Android Casino or Spin Palace Android Casino
  • Download the game app or casino
  • Create a new account by registering yourself at the casino
  • Select Stash of the Titans under the Games section of the casino
  • Once you got the game you can play instantly

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