Best Android Phones and Tablets for Casino Games


Are you one of the greatest casino game player fans? If yes, then you definitely wish to be able to play your favorite casino games anytime, anywhere you go, so that your Android device has become your favorite device which you use for playing casino games, additionally to using it for other purposes, too. Anyway, you know that there are many devices that use Android, so if you are looking for a good gaming experience on your device, then you should know which some of the top Android devices are that you can use to have a great user experience when playing your favorite pokies or any other casino games of your preference.

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Top Android Devices for Casino Games

You can have an amazing time playing your favorite casino game on any of the following Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II – due to its wide screen and quad-core processor, this is one of the best devices to use for mobile gambling
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 – also with a wide screen, with high resolution and with a fast way to process information, any of these devices are ready to offer you a great gambling experience
  • LG Optimus G – this is yet another fast device, which is ready to offer players a great experience in the mobile gambling field. However, one of its downsides is the battery life, which won’t allow you to enjoy your favorite games for too long while you’re on the go.
  • Sony Xperia Z – also a large display, this Android device allows you to enjoy your favorite mobile casino games wherever you are.
  • HTC One – this is one of the best choices in matter of Android devices for gambling fans, due to its wide screen and crisp text.
  • HTC Evo 4G – this is considered to be the perfect Android device for gambling fans, due to its 4” color QHD touch screen and 4G internet

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Choosing the right Android device for you is also a matter of preference, as it only depends on what your expectations are in matter of Android phones and tablets. However, this top is created based on the opinions of others regarding the performance of the devices.


As new Android devices are frequently released, you can find even more Android operating smartphones and tablets to cater to your needs in matter of online gambling.

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