Great Apps to Find Out – How Many Times You Checked Your Android Device during a Day

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Are you one of the persons who become addicted to their smartphone? Nowadays, you can easily find whether you are truly checking your device too often and too many times during a day. You can do this for any device that you have on which you run Android, due to some amazing apps that exist in our days and which were developed probably with the aim of allowing users to control the number of times that they check their devices and eventually to try to reduce this amount, in case it seems to be too much. So do you want to know how many times have you checked your Android device today? Here are two great apps that you should really try out!



Checky is an app that you can download for free on any Android and iOS operating device. It is a simple app that enables you to see how many times you have checked your device. Checky actually keeps track of each time that you check your device and even more than that, it allows you to share the daily numbers with your friends. Some of the features of this app include:

  • It is free to download
  • Keeps track of each time you use your device
  • Can be used to increase your awareness about the number of times that you checked your device during a day


Moment is another great app and it allows you to find out the number of times that you picked up your device in a day and also the time – in minutes – that you used it for. Additionally to only allowing you to find out these information, it also enables you to set daily limits, in order to avoid using your device for longer than you would like to. Although for now, Moment is only developed for iOS, it is expected to also appear for Android soon.

In the end

Finding out the number of times you have been checking your device for in a day is easy, due to some new and great apps that you can use. Checky is one of the apps that enable you to find out how many times you’ve checked your device during a day and thus you can make a change, in case you feel you’re becoming too addicted to your device.

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