New Android Apps which are worth to try

Today, on the android application market, you can find several new and interesting applications that you should try out. Applications will always make the use of android phones much more interesting and exciting. Here is a list of new applications and every single one of them is completely free, so you may consider giving it a shot.


This is a free application that will give you a perfect illustration for your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network you may use or like. Photolamus is offering hand-drawn caricature on the model of your picture.


Multitasking is a free application that will allow you to open multiple tools at the same time. It consists of a menu with settings, sidebar and floating tools. If you want to access them, drag your finger across the screen to the right.


This is a free player for android phones that promises professional experience when it comes to listening the music, because it will suit perfectly to your needs and your desires.


This application relies on the concept of Social Cloud, which combines the most useful tools for collaboration in social networks with a computer in the cloud. Provides tools for students and companies with whom you can communicate, manage personal information, share them and work as a team on the same platform. As this is a social network, you can create contacts and share information in groups without intermediaries.

Pictorl: Pure Photo Sharing

Free application that allows you to share and search images scrolling, like in the book. You can process the photos you want, comment them, and follow the person who has announced certain photos. You can create an account, but you do not have to.

Smash Hit

If you are bored or if you are waiting someone, you can kill your time with this surreal game that requires a lot of concentration and skill to reach as far as possible, and to break more beautiful glass objects along your way.


Have you ever wanted to recommend to your friends a great coffee shop, club, restaurant, or great place for a dream vacation? You can do that with this free application. Just leave your friends a message at the specific location, and they will see that as soon as they open Kites application.

You can choose between these applications, and download and try out the ones you find most interesting. If you want, you can try all of them. Have fun!

Amanda Sanders

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