Peeking in at Top Android Games

These are some games that have been released in the last few weeks. This is the best of the new Android apps for gamers.

Star Command by Star Command LLC

The game has finally made it to the Android platform, just a shame the iOS players have been enjoying it for the last five months. One thing players will not see with this game is making in-app purchases. Players will however get to experience the following:

  • Hiring a crew
  • Building a ship
  • Exploring the universe
  • Battling alien civilizations
  • HD pixilated
  • Upgrading ship
  • Stop aliens from invading your ship

Pinball Rocks HD by Sony Music Entertainment

What do you get when mixing a pinball machine, jukebox, and an abundance of elicit substances? Pinball Rocks that has a theme of Rock and Roll will have the ball spinning out of control while listening to some top artists such as:

  • AC/DC
  • Alice In Chains
  • Slayer
  • Bullet for my Valentine
  • Three Days Grace
  • The Sword
  • Red
  • Queensryche
  • Norma Jean
  • Krokus
  • Anvil
  • Filter
  • Virginmarys
  • Richie Kotzen

The game consists of five tables and one free game is loaded with songs from the artists from today. There is a custom table though for AC/DC, Slayer, Bullet for my Valentine, and Alice in Chains.

Gravity Guy 2 by

For all the players that loved Gravity Guy, he is now back. There are more characters and the graphics are improved. The game might be free to play, but there are plenty of in app items to purchase.

There was a world that broke all gravity laws, but there is always a rebel in every crowd. The rules have been broken by one guy that is now being held captive. Before long he was in danger because no one goes against the system. The hero has captured and sent to a spaceship so he could be cloned. Are you swift enough to save the hero?

Clash of Clans by

This is a strategy game that is based in real time. Grab victory by training troops, growing the village, and going into battles with other online players. Let your barbarian out and defeat everyone that crosses your path! Android will never be the same with this free game. Find more cool Android things at

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