Ring Ring for the Bling Bling

Are you one of those old school people that have had their mobile phone since the invention of the first one? Is it still in black and white? Does it even receive text messages? If so, then this is not the article for you.

You see, this article is geared for people at the opposite end of the spectrum. The likes of those who want the latest phones, not necessarily because they need them – they just “have” to have them.



For some, the latest models tend to fit in with their daily lives and the business that they conduct. They need the latest technology to keep up to date with the world as well as the ongoing of business. For these people, a new model phone opens doors of opportunities in terms of applications and function. Then there are the group who just like to have the latest and greatest of everything, even just to have as an accessory or a new toy.

Our top 3

HTC One M9

  • The HTC One is an all inclusive phone, and quite an improvement on the 2014 version. Its smooth edges and metallic sheen really make you feel like you have the technology of the future in your hand. Rates a 4/5 on the “got to have” list.
    • Expected Release Date: 23 March
    • Price $649
    • Curved metal design
    • Snapdragon 810 Processor
    • 3GB Ram
    • 7MP Camera
    • 5” Screen
    • 2840mAH Battery
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    • This is a seriously good looking phone that rates 5/5 on the “got to have list”. It is incredibly sleek and sexy, with a practical curved screen which adds to the fun features factor.
      • Expected Release Date: 10 April
      • Price $950
      • 1” Screen
      • 3GB RAM
      • 16MP Camera
      • Curved screen adds to “fun” factor

Amanda Sanders

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