Why Podcast Addict was Suspended by Google?

Podcast Addict, one of the major podcast apps for Android was suspended recently from the Google Play Store because the app wash charged with violation of Google’s provision on the Content Policy of “sexually explicit materials”.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the leading podcast app on the Google Play Store recording 4 million downloads, 175,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5. The app is being used by almost 500,000 users daily and more than 1 million episodes are being listened to everyday using the app.

A lot of users are saddened by this news and fervently hopes that this is just a case of misunderstanding that will soon be resolved.


On a more recent development, Google has lifted the suspension which makes Podcast Addict available again for downloading from the Google Play Store.

Podcast Addict says:

In an official statement posted on its Facebook page, Podcast Addict says that “Like any app displaying 3rd party content, Podcast Addict allows you to see/watch/listen to explicit sexual content if you want to. The same applies to any web browser, podcast app, news app, search engine….But like those other kind of apps, podcast apps also allows you to get informed, to learn things, to be entertained,”

The Google Play Team says:

Their reason for suspension is for the violation of the sexually explicit material provision of the Content Policy. For better understanding of the policy, we encourage you to refer to the Sex and Nudity policy help article for more information.

The Podcast Addict app was disabled as a policy strike.  Thus, users whose developer account is still in good standing were advised to revise and upload a version that is policy compliant under a new package label.

In the same breath, the Google Play Team also issued a caution to other developers that they should strictly comply with the Developer Distribution Agreement and Content Policy and make sure that no other apps in their catalogs are in violation to avoid immediate suspension.

Google further announced that all violations are monitored. More suspension can lead to the closure of the developer account, further inquiries and the probable closure of other related accounts with Google.  If the account is terminated, payments will be stopped and Google may claim incomes of past sales and/or other charges related to these fees like, but not limited to, transaction fees and charge backs from the developer.

Final Verdict:

The developer is given an opportunity to contest the ruling if he believes there was an error in their decision by reviewing the Google Play Help Center article and giving their feedback.

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