Pubs in Sydney with Android Charging Stations

Pubs in Sydney with Android Charging Stations
Pubs in Sydney with Android Charging Stations

It just seems awful when suddenly in a middle of an important conversation you hear the “beep” sound from your android or any mobile giving you the emergency reminder that your phone is running out of battery. You rush to collect your charger and plug it into the nearest point available and have a sigh of relief. Here are the Pubs in Sydney with Android Charging Stations.

You are quite aware that your mobile is of no use without a battery. If you are at home well and good to charge quickly but when you are somewhere outside travelling or sitting and enjoying at a pub you look perplexed as to where to charge your phone. Though there are many charge spots available at airports, shopping malls, or even in some streets what about the Pubs in Sydney? Do they allow charging your android phone? Let us discuss here some of these questions and see which pubs in Sydney allow charging your phone.

It is very silly to say that Pubs don’t have charging spots on their campus. All pubs have chargers for mobile phones though not for customers but obviously for their staff. Right? It depends on the Pub Manager and staff as to allow their customers to charge their phones or not. As you know some are polite and some are rude. So some allow charging and some refuse.

There might have the following reasons for their refusal:

  • They have to pay bills for electricity
  • People socialise at bars rather than hanging on the phone
  • They assume that people should have enough batteries already in their mobiles
  • Maybe they think cords dangling around are a hazard and inconvenience to the public
  • They do not wish to take responsibility for lost or forgotten phones
  • They doubt and believe their chargers might be stolen by people.
  • Lastly, they are there to run their business and not to attend every minute or two to deal with people asking for their phones.

So that means none of the pubs allows to charge? No that is also not true. As technology is advancing faster there are devices to cope with this situation too. Many pubs now have to believe that drinkers won’t leave so quickly if they charge their phones and this is profitable to their business as the customer might order more food and drinks at pubs. (their waiting time)

Therefore many pubs have set up a phone charging stations so that customers can make sure their phones are topped up.

With Discgo charger devices pubs have accomplished getting them installed as a utility tool for their customers.

Discgo Charger Devices

Discgo Charger
Discgo charger devices

The Discgo Charger is the newest innovation for phone charging, keeping you portable while you’re out. Coffs Harbour was one of the first places out of Sydney to sign on for these innovative pieces of tech.

The Discgo from Puck Charger Systems, provides a truly mobile charger device, delivering connectivity, convenience and a continuation of service. It’s a charging system that’s designed for cafes, restaurants, venues and bars, gyms, shopping centres and cinemas allowing customers and patrons to move about freely while giving their phones a much-needed charge.

Thus Pubs have been forced to find a way to keep the customer in their bar for longer.

Here are the following pubs in Sydney that have this tech charger installed in  their venues

As everyone wants to keep things interactive these days these mobile chargers have taken their place in pubs too. The Discgo charger can handle two phones at a time so start putting your phone up on time if you are at any of the above pubs and wish to charge your phone first.

Clipp Charger

There is also another device called Clipp. Major pub operator Australian Leisure & Hospitality (ALH) Group has signed up to use Clipp.  Clipp interacts with certain POS systems so customers can enter their credit card details to open a tab, and then show the tab number on their phone to the bar staff when ordering. The tab can be closed by the customer or the bar at any time, triggering the credit card transaction and emailing a receipt to the customer. The app is available at no charge for iOS and Android.

This also has led to more pubs and bars all over Australia becoming aware of just how much easier it is for them to accept payments through a smartphone and run a business more efficiently as the pub and bar staff need not spend their time collecting money for charging the phone.

So next time you visit a pub in Sydney it is your choice to use the DiscGo Charger pub which allows you to charge your phone without being tied to a charging station use this free-to-use device and save the hassle of sitting next to a power socket. Or do you still feel to go to  Charge Bar chargers around the place where it could get taken or do you wish to carry your charger around when on move? The solution is yours! These are the Pubs in Sydney with Android Charging Stations.

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