6 Popular Android Games Apps That Offer You Real Cash

6 Popular Android games apps that offer you real cash

There are hundreds of game apps for Andriod and iPhone that offer real cash when you play them. These apps are free to download on your Android mobile and when you reach a certain level in the game or when you earn $100 as wins playing these games you need to redeem your wins using Paypal. Remember not all levels in the game offer you real money but some levels in the game offer $1 or less or more and that adds to $100 as real money to encash.

One more thing to add before you rush to download these games apps that offer you real cash, most of these game apps are filled with advertisements, and cannot be secure and safe to use. Also, most of these apps are available only for android and a few might be at the iTunes store.

6 Popular Android games apps that offer you real cash

1. Fish Blast

Fish Blast Game App

Fish Blast game app comes with 1200 puzzles to solve and play. Mr Panda wants you to blast and crush the blocks to collect coins, fish, and real money.  Challenge yourself, to blast more, beat the higher score, earn more coin rewards, and win big prizes! You need $100 to make a cashout in the game.

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2. Lucky Diamond

Lucky Diamond Game App

Lucky Diamond is a Jewel Blast Puzzle Game that challenges you to match at least 2 diamonds or jewels of the same color to get high scores and randomly gives you real money as rewards. Here also get ready with Mr.Panda to blast & crush the blockers to collect coins, gems, diamonds, crystals and get a real money reward!

You need to make $150 playing to get real cash with Paypal or cashout as Amazon vouchers are worth the winning amount.

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3. FeaturePoints

Feature points app

With FeaturePoints, you have a ton of choices for cashing out other than PayPal including Bitcoin, gift cards, credits towards games, etc. Usually, they pay you within a few hours. Some other ways to make money from FeaturePoints besides playing games include watching videos, shopping online, referring others, and taking surveys.

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4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks game app

With Swagbucks, you can earn $2- $4 per hour. The site offers a wide variety of ways to earn rewards points, which are called Swagbucks. You can take surveys, search the internet, watch videos, sign up for offers like free trials of different products, or use the website’s shopping portal to earn rewards when you make purchases online.

Swagbucks’ games hub provides a few different categories of games, including Cash Games. You can play these games for free, but you won’t earn anything. If you’re confident in your skills, these games offer player-vs-player competitions with cash prizes. The catch is that you have to pay an entry fee to play. If you win, you can make a profit but you’ll lose your money if you lose the game, just like any gamble.

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5. MistPlay

Mistplay game app

Must play game app rewards you for playing different games on your phone. When you download and open Mistplay, you’ll be greeted by a list of different games that are available to play. You can choose any of the games listed, download them, and start playing to start earning rewards.

Mistplay has three different reward currencies you can earn: GXP, PXP, and Units. PXP, or Player Experience Points, are tied to your account. You earn PXP whenever you play a game through Mistplay. Having higher PXP levels will also increase the rate at which you earn GXP.

You’ll earn $3 to $5 per hour and can redeem your rewards once you’ve earned about $5 worth of Units with Paypal.

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6. Long Game

Long Game app

Long Game is another unique app that offers real cash playing games. The base of the Long Game app is a checking and savings account. These accounts work just like checking and savings accounts at other banks. The savings account pays 0.1% APY and the checking account doesn’t pay any interest.

When you deposit money to your Long Game savings account you’ll earn coins. You can also sign up to have debit card purchases rounded up to the next dollar, automatically depositing the excess to savings. This lets you earn coins each time you make a debit card purchase.

You can redeem coins to enter sweepstakes or play different games in the Long Game app. If you do well in the games you can win cash prizes. Some of the games offer hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash prizes and Long Game’s sweepstakes have awarded up to $1 million in prizes in the past.

If you win, Long Game deposits the money directly to your account. 

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There are many other such game apps that offer real money or reward with your real cash. If you are wondering as to how these apps then earn if they reward you real money. Well, these apps make money in a variety of ways. Some apps will get paid by game developers who want more players for their games. By referring you to those games, the app gets a referral fee, your reward is a cut of that fee. Other apps show advertisements or let users pay to play games. They use the money from ads and paying users to fund prizes for everyone.

Finally, remember that many such real cash game apps can be fraud and scams. Always read the game’s review and get feedback from other players before you download this game app. Don’t play on those apps that first ask you to pay for games.

Some apps that give you rewards for playing other games on your phone also try to steal your data. Be very careful about which applications you install on your phone and follow security best practices.

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