6 Best Android Games for NVIDIA Shield TV

Do you have the NVIDIA Shield TV and wondering what games to play on this TV from the Google Play Store? As NVIDIA is the streamer for games so which game is worth checking out?

There are many free games available to play, while many AAA titles you can purchase also. Here, we have compiled some of the best games available in the Google Play Store that have been available to play on Android TV.

1. Morphite

This game is initially released through the Steam Greenlight program, lately, it made its way to Android last year and now available on the Shield. It is a mix of No Man’s Sky and something like Metroid Prime. In this game, you will find the whole universe of planets to explore along with a mission where you will have space combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving. Although it is great to play in a smartphone, it is equally amazing playing on a big TV screen with a controller in your hand.

You can download the game free, but you will also have to purchase an in-app of $5 to unlock the rest of the story mode.

Download: Morphite (Free w/Ads, $4.99 to unlock full game)

2. Death Road To Canada

This is one of the incredible games that provides a great gaming experience each time you play it. Being a survival game you need to outrun a zombie apocalypse by driving to Canada. You will find randomly generated locations, events, situations and characters as this game is full of surprises that will keep you engaged for hours.

Released in 2017 it is a blast to play on a small touchscreen — but when the Google Play Store works, you can download the Android TV version to your Shield.

Download: Death Road To Canada ($9.99)

3. Metal Gear Solid 2 HD

Being a legendary video game producer – Hideo Kojima is responsible for creating one of the most enticing video game franchises of all time: Metal Gear Solid.

This sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, is undoubtedly the best title in the series and the HD version is available for the NVIDIA Shield. But you fall into a trap and appears to be lost along with the tanker at the Hudson River. Two years later, the government sends Raiden, a new recruit within the special ops unit FOXHOUND, to infiltrate the Big Shell and rescue the US President.

This game earlier was introduced in 2001 on the PlayStation 2, which was a huge hit in the stealth-action genre and is still appreciated by many as one of the best games. If you’re fond of playing MGS2, you’ll love to play this game of taking a trip down memory lane.

Download: Metal Gear Solid 2 HD ($9.99)

4. ClusterTruck

If you love playing puzzle game, you would like to check it out. This is one of the most amazingly crafted and challenging puzzle games ever made. Prima facie, it appears to be a rather standard puzzle adventure game, where you are on a mysterious island solving grid puzzles all day, things become quite interesting when you start to discover the true nature of the island and how deep the puzzle theme go farther.

Download: The Witness ($13.60)

5. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The Borderlands game is an amazingly unique first-person shooter, fusing genre elements from action, FPS and RPG into an engaging experience, which was coupled with the beautiful graphics and a storyline with amazing wit.

The Pre-Sequel being earlier released in 2014 for the major consoles, and it is about the story that fits in between the first and second Borderland games. This game mostly uses the game mechanics from Borderlands 2, incorporating some new weapons and elements. It also supports co-op plays. Playing this game can offer hours of fun.

Download: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel ($14.99)

6. Ultimate Chicken Horse

This is a unique party platformer game that you can play with your friends gather around the TV like you did years before back in 1998.  The concept of the game is that up to four friends can join hands to build out a challenging level given multiple platforms and traps available to your group. Each one of the players tries to complete the level.

This is a great game that you can play with your friends around and spend quality time together. Your group needs to set sufficient traps to destroy your opponents while clearing the route for yourself to make it through the level and reach the goal.

Download: Ultimate Chicken Horse ($11.99)


Above listed are the game that you can play on your NVIDIA Shield TV.

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