7 Biggest Slot Jackpots for November – December 2020

Can you win any jackpots in December 2018? Let’s have an overview of the biggest slot machine jackpots at this moment and how you can win them.

There are some limited few jackpot slots that can reach amazing value of more than 5 million dollars, and jackpot players often ignore those ones that can’t pay at least a million.

Mega Moolah

(Microgaming – £8,300,000)

No doubt, Mega Moolah is the biggest Jackpot churner being the biggest progressive jackpot among all slots. This magic can appear on any version of Mega Moolah, starting from the basic one, Mega Moolah Isis, to 5 Reel Drive or Planet Moolah.

Recently, it paid the biggest jackpot to date 18,900,000 on 28 September. This progressive jackpot is mostly won once in a month and it is already a month and a half so it can reoccur any time. Regardless of in which casino you play this slot and the version the chance of a win remains the same.

Jackpot King

(Blueprint Gaming – £3,200,000)

Jackpot King slot has multiple jackpots at different casinos. The jackpot of this slot increases fast but is rarely ever won and the last win was two years ago. Very few people play this slot game these days as the jackpot is steady at this level. But any lucky gambler might be the winner anytime.

Mega Fortune

(NetEnt – €2,600,000)

Being the brainchild of NetEnt, Mega Fortune is the best progressive jackpot slot machine of this software, and it usually pays a jackpot of €4,000,000 every 50 days approx. On 27 September it paid the last jackpot and the current value of the jackpot didn’t yet reach the average value, so it’s not the right time to play this slot game as it isn’t due yet. But on the other hand, this is also a truth that the jackpots can be awarded anytime, and this is a good jackpot slot to play as the jackpot is massive at nearly 3 million euros. You can play this game at any NetEnt casino and you never know if you could be the next lucky jackpot winner.

The biggest pay was a massive €17m, so this is the only jackpot slot machine that can compete Mega Moolah in not only the size of the jackpot but also in the frequency of wins. In this slot, the jackpot is won every 10 weeks approx. So it is the most active and frequent jackpots among all slots.

Aladdin’s Lamp

(GTECH – €3,700,000)

This is a three-reel slot game with 3 paylines, and you need to pay €5 per payline or €15 per spin to get a chance to win this €3.7m jackpot. The jackpot reduces if you reduce the pay per payline and it further reduces as you reduce your bet.

Although it has a massive jackpot probably not a good proposal, as you need to spend quite a bit of money to have a slight chance of winning it.

Jackpot Pinatas

(Realtime Gaming – $1,800,000)

This is a casino-based jackpot and this specific bonus of $1.8m can only be played and won at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. This Pinatas slot jackpot is a popular jackpot among the largest Realtime Gaming jackpots, but for this, you need to search out the casino with the largest bonus amount. This is a nice jackpot for USA players.

Genie Jackpots

(Blueprint Gaming – £1,400,000)

This is a 20-payline and five-reel slot title where you can win a jackpot on any bet. The jackpot varies with the casinos and 2% of every bet is included to the jackpot pool, and it is one of the biggest one to play. It’s been a while when this jackpot was last won and this is surely not a popular jackpot people play often.

The Big One Colossal Cash

(Party Gaming – $1,800,000)

You can win this jackpot only at PartyCasino as it’s a slot game by PartyCasino’s own Party Gaming software. Visit this casino and play this slot game that usually pays a jackpot every 32 weeks on average, and the amount ranges between $1.5m and $3m.

This is, of course, an active jackpot as several people play this slot but the chance of winning the jackpot is slim proportional to your bet size.

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