6 Best Leather Cases to Protect your Galaxy S10

Leather cases are one of the most luxurious and special brands in the phone cases! It also has its own challenges and often with high price tags, which means that leather cases do not have a huge market or varieties to select from. Here, I have enlisted the best of the leather cases which you can use for your Samsung Galaxy S10 .

1. Competitively-priced Cover

Torubia Flip Cover Wallet

This leather wallet is one of the most cost-effective when it comes to the leather market. It is available in four colors, which includes a green also. Although it is not the slimmest wallet out there hence it is simple, classic, and cost much lesser compared to other wallets. It has the magnetic clasp which is reversible so that you hold the case open while talking or using the phone.

$10 at Amazon

2. Dapper AF

Snakehive Leather Wallet

This is a dapper European leather wallet case looking attractive due to its craftsmanship that complements the S10. This case is available in six colors including plum and the Bottle Green which appears to be the best. You can even opt to engrave your name or anything else through its website to customize this wallet.

$37 at Amazon

3. A Warrior King

UAG Monarch Series

This case is not completely leather, but it is much cooler than any other! This is a 5-layer leather case coupled with back panels and some badass fittings and structure, making it more attractive in many ways that very few cases will have. You can buy this case in black and red color.

$60 at Amazon

4. The Official Case

Samsung Leather Back Cover

Samsung Leather Back Cover for S10 is an official genuine leather case providing amazing protection without bulking your phone. This is available in seven shades including yellow— there’s a color literally for everyone here!

$50 at Samsung

5. Pocket-Friendly Case

Maxboost mWallet Series

This is a small leather case always available with the mWallet Series, which is slim, delicate and super cost-effective. This S10 model of mWallet looks must better than last year.

$11 at Amazon

6. Shock Absobing Case

Mous Limitless Origins

Mous is known for its premium cases and the Limitless Origins that allows you to pick your case for your mobile. It has shock-absorbing foam inside to guarantee that your phone will survive drops, stumbles etc.

$50 at Mous


Above-listed are some of the most popular and easy going leather cases that you can buy for your beloved Galaxy S10 keeping it safe for longer!

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