Androids Vs iPhones in Tweeting

Androids Vs iPhones in Tweeting
Androids Vs iPhones in Tweeting

Can Twitter teach us something about smartphones? Yes, we have many stats that suggest that on the basis of tweets we can define the popularity of any smartphone. Say, for instance, if you want to determine the popularity or usage of Android and iPhone through Twitter it is very much possible. In fact, this analysis has already been done. Over 220,000 tweets have been analyzed about iPhones and Android phones using the sentiment analysis software to determine which smartphone is actually ruling the roost. Let’s find out the comparison between Androids Vs iPhones In Tweeting.

In the initial analysis, nearly 110,675 tweets have been collected having “iPhone” or “Android” to realize how people actually feel about major phone brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Apple or Pixel. Although the iPhone was tweeted about one third more than the Android, logically it had three times the number of negative tweets i.e. 26.7% compared to 8.4%.

Core Take-Away

Core Take-Away
Core Take-Away
  • iPhone was tweeted about 1.3 times more than the android but had 3 times the number of negative tweets.
  • The OnePlus 5 get the highest percentage of positive tweets – 63%
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 slated the lowest percentage of negative and positive tweets
  • The iPhone 8 receive the highest proportion of negative tweets at 56%
  • The OnePlus 5 received the largest percentage of positive tweets – 63%.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 received the lowest percentage of negative and positive tweets.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X got almost similar sentiment scores.
  • The iPhone 8 had, to date, the highest percentage of negative tweets – coming in at 56%.

Twitter is growing at a steady pace and it is because of the users. In fact, they have created a wealth of information. To make things even a step farther companies are starting to realize a perfect platform for releasing their products. Twitterati’s love sharing everything that is happening right at that moment rather it is a reunion between old band members or even riots that are going on.



Geolocation data was collected from more than 280 million tweets done on a mobile. Then Gnip, a company for social media data, MapBox, a company that does data visualization, and Google all collaborated in order to compile a heat map that was for interactive Twitter use. The tweets had been collected 2011 in September and the following smartphones were compared:

  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Map

The map is of the United States and there are red dots showing which phone has the most tweets and in what area. The Midwest does not have any tweets, but there are thick dots indicating major tweeting on the iPhone in the following cities:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Japan

Zooming in on the map shows just where the Android is being used for tweeting. It is hot in the following areas:

  • Jersey City
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • South Korea

Blackberry is still holding loyal to the business people where they are actually doing a lot of tweeting in:

  • Manhattan Financial District
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Toronto
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Central America Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Far Away

If one does not zoom up on the map then it looks like there are only red dots which are the iPhone. One has to literally zoom up on the map in order to see the purple and green dots. The only thing the map is used for is comparing tweets from different areas and which mobile device is being used.

Stat Counter Company

Stat Counter Company
Stat Counter Company

Mobile dominance is always a war between companies to see if their devices can take the top spots. Until recently it was the iPhone was dominant and then in July 2013 the Android closed the gap and jumped on top. When looking at the map made for Tweets it is clear that in the UK and U.S. iOS has a strong lead. This is the analytical comparison of Androids Vs iPhones In Tweeting.

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