5 Interesting Free Android Games Apps

We would like to keep players in the loop by discussing free apps that are available. Here are the 5 interesting free Android games to enjoy with your Android device.

1. Flappy Bird by Gears Studios


Have you ever wondered what birds go through when flying through the skies? Wonder no more, instead see if you have what it takes to get this little bird around the obstacles.

  • Tab screen for flapping your wings
  • Watch out for pipes that like to appear
  • Snatch up all 4 medals

2. Motocross Meltdown by Glu


Jump on your motorbike and get ready to sail through the air at top speeds while showing the crowd the daring tricks you have accomplished.

  • Pick your opponents and challenge them
  • Graphics are over the top
  • Skills can be upgraded
  • Take on the pros like Josh Hansen
  • Customize your bike with over 800 configurations that are custom

3. Little Ear Doctor by 6677g.com


Ears are wonderful hearing tools until something gets stuck in them. This is your chance to be an outstanding ear doctor and help patients clean their ears out.

  • Grab the flashlight and look deep in the ear
  • Variety of tools on the tray
  • Use the proper tool to eliminate the problem

4. Blackjack by ZZ Games


Card lovers just cannot seem to get enough of Blackjack! From experienced players to ones that are just learning about the game there is something here for all players.

  • Pick from three tables that are different
  • Keep your card totals less then 21, go over and you will lose
  • 10 point cards are the King, Queen, and Jack
  • Ace can be 11 points or just 1
  • All other cards have their face value

5. Restaurant Story: Valentine’s by TeamLava Games


Do you dream of running your own restaurant on Valentine’s Day? This is your chance to put your skills to the test of packing the restaurant up and being the talk of the town!

  • Design your restaurant then build it
  • Choose all the decorations from the tables to the walls
  • Put together a menu that will melt in the customers mouths
  • Become friends with other restaurants
  • Invite friends
  • Share recipes with others
  • Weekly updates are free
  • Internet connection is needed for playing
  • Use real money for purchasing in app items
  • Can be linked to Storm8 and Facebook

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