New Year’s Resolutions can be kept when using these Apps

It is a new year and there are a million goals that need to be tackled before time flies by. The following apps will help make you become a renaissance man this year instead of the normal slacker you have become accustomed too.

Duolingo makes learning a New Language a Snap

If you are going to be flying off into a new land then it only makes sense to learn the basics of their language. With Duolingo the app will give lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Answer questions right and level up to a tougher challenge. The app offers the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish

Codecademy Teaches Code

If you have been curious have websites and apps are made, here is your opportunity. There are tutorials on the Web that teach PHP, JavaScript and HTML. Now mobile devices have the chance to grab some bite size lessons for learning code. In just an hour learn the basics of coding.

MyQuit Coach Lends a Hand with Quitting Smoking

The objective of MyQuit Coach is controlling your habit with data. Input when you crave smoking and how long the habit has been around. Then set goals that can become a reality while updating your Facebook with your results.

MapMyFitness will have you exercising more

When first going to the gym you are pumped and ready to go. Then over time the motivation just leaves. MapMyFitness will help you get motivated once again by tracking your fitness. It offers 600 different activates that can be tracked. Friends within the app can cheer you on and keep the motivation alive!

MyFitnessPal Aids with your Diet

Losing weight will be simple with this app. It holds the calories in its database of more then 3 million foods. Just type in what you are getting ready to eat and track the calories.

Journals are Easy to Maintain with Day One

Everyone has wanted to keep a journal, but after a few weeks get sidetracked. With Day One journals are taking to a whole new level. When adding your entry, attach a photo and Facebook and Twitter can immediately be updated. It can even log how many steps you walked in a day. Key moments can be cherished without the need to share. Find out what other cool apps will be coming out during 2014 by checking in at

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