Nokia’s First Android Phone Leaked?

The Signs

There may have been a leak to the image of Nokia’s very first Android phone. Nokia, an established multibillion dollar company with a history of selling mobile phones, has now begun work on an Android phone that caters exclusively to their brand. The phone, which has been rumored for the past few months through the existence of a prototype, has been turning heads and pointing fingers as more and more people try to figure out which rumors are true and which are false. Nokia remains quiet as their Normandy Android is set to be their most technologically advanced phones. It’s expected that the phone will:

  • Be the first Android handset phone from Nokia
  • Run Asha Series 30 OS.
  • Come with dual SIM to connect with others

Nokia Impressions

It’s very exciting to see Nokia develop their Normandy Android product, even if it is just a prototype for the moment. If there is any indication of what could be further established, there might in fact be other measures that will be issued in order to improve upon the Finnish company’s chances of sticking out from among the iPhone’s and various Android peripherals of the world. This could lead to great things for Nokia’s future.

Dissecting Rumors

While the leaked picture has been shown off through a number of websites, there is no detail in the image that gives away any major features. Everything that is told about the phone that hasn’t been said by Nokia should be considered fictional and/or pure speculation. While the leak is most likely going to continue to explode within the pages of the internet, all facts based on the phone will inevitably be addressed. It’s important to be very clear about the fact that Nokia has not confirmed much about Normandy and will not do so until they feel it is the right time to be doing so.

A Great Opportunity

This could be a great chance for Nokia to finally launch a phone that will cater to the 21st century demands for social media and high-interface connections to a number of digital phones that span across the globe. Nokia throwing its hat into the ring ensures that there will be some healthy staying power for the mobile phone provider for many years down the line. Its connection with Android also makes it strong enough to keep around.

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