5 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors

The Galaxy S10 has is known for its large and attractive screen with some new features within — like a fancy ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. But the fact is, in-screen fingerprint sensor can’t accept any gaps between the screen and the screen protector. So, if you are looking for a screen protector for your Galaxy S10, plastic film protectors can work well or the Whitestone Dome Glass.

I have compiled top 5 screen protectors that are most effective, popular and cost-effective for your Galaxy S10.

1. Glass Protection from a Film Protector

ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear

This screen protector of ZAGG is also certified as the “Designed for Samsung”, and although it is not a tempered glass screen protector, these Ultra Clear film protectors are clear, shiny, with case-friendly quality. You will also get a lifetime warranty where you can get replacements if your film ever tears, wrap or loud.  

$30 at ZAGG

2. Sleek and Best for Selfie

LK HD Clear Screen Protector (3-Pack)

These thin screen protectors are case-friendly, self-healing, water, and fingerprint resistant, bubble free, and sleek to the touch. LK HD Clear Screen Protector features laser cutouts so that you won’t have to mess up with films and the selfie camera.

$10 at Amazon

3. Ultrasonic Viable

Whitestone Dome Glass (2-Pack)

This Whitestone’s Dome Glass screen protector which is the only tempered glass screen protectors that will go well with the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor system. Although a great product but still cheaper than replacing a broken screen.

$70 at Amazon

4. Case-friendly

Pulen Anti-Scratch PET Film (3-Pack)

Pulen Anti-scratch PET Film comes in a three-pack designed to go right over the hole-punch selfie cameras perfectly avoiding the air bubbles from interfering with the fingerprint sensor. It is a case-friendly film that should get peeled up by your case’s corners, enabling you to offer some scratch protection to your screen when you carry it in your purse with keys or any metallic substances.

$9 at Amazon

5. Barely there

Qoosea Ultra-Thin Explosion-Proof (3-Pack)

Of course, your phone doesn’t need this much replacement of cases and to test that “Explosion-Proof” claim, this three-pack of films are easy to use, slim enough to not get in the way. This type of plastic film protector is easy to keep air bubbles out, which means it is good for your fingerprint sensor.

 $8 at Amazon


Above-mentioned is the brief list of the most popular and affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector that can give your phone an added protection from drop, wear and hits.  

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