Socialise Smarter with these Android Apps

Socialise Smarter with these Android apps
Socialise Smarter with these Android apps

Almost all smartphone users have embraced social media and daily link up with hundreds of friends on various platforms. Android phone users will find some interesting apps; that augment their socialising activities or leverage the various platforms for playing and working.

Single Entry to All things social

To start, you might want all your social media links in a single app. Social Media Connection provides a collection of more than 45 social connections in a single place. With this app; you can create a single password to protect your links to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Similarly, All In One Social Media “Fast” claims that by bringing all social platform access together in one app, users can save device space and speed. This one however features a much shorter list of social platforms.

Developers of Social Networks – All in One points out that their app offers quick access to over 35 popular mobile social media networks and that users do not have to re-enter their social network credentials for each different platform when they socialise.

Social Media Stream claims a saving in RAM usage in addition to savings in memory space. Interestingly, it claims that the app uses no RAM at all, “so you can now be free from hangs”. The app claims to “clean all the unwanted stuff automatically so no use of phone memory at all”. Sounds hilarious, but still, features include uploading pictures, saving pictures as well updating your status along with pictures.

Don’t connect with everyone

Don't connect with everyone
Don’t connect with everyone

To guarantee that you connect to like-minded people only, the SKOUT app enables you to meet and chat with men and women based on search parameters set by you. Once connected, you can chat with new friends, give gifts and share photos.

The general ideas are good, although some of the claims made by the apps that consolidate social platforms may need further investigation. They certainly have at least one useful function in common: To make life easier for those of us who want to socialise on different platforms from a single starting point.

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