Android Auto: Get Driven the Android Way

Wondering which software you should get for your in-dash multimedia receiver? If you have an Android phone already, then you should get Android Auto installed. Having it simply projects all the uses of your phone device into the monitor to keep everything hands-free and set your eyes on the road.  After all, it was made with safety as the priority so expect streamlined interface with user-friendly voice control and integrated steering-wheel-switch among many others. Let’s find out more.


How to Use

To install, simply connect your Android tab or smartphone to your built-in dashboard screen and wait for the prompt Install Android Auto (FOR FREE). After which, it can now work simultaneously with your device every time you plug it in. Google Now will flash relevant information onscreen. Use the quick shortcuts to open the Apps.

  • New email received
  • Attachment details
  • New SMS
  • Incoming call
  • Online search suggestions
  • Destination


Navigating the road has never been so easy if you launch your very own Google Maps to guide you wherever you wish to go. What’s more, it can talk to you and show you the right directions until you get there.Use the voice navigation control as you get the latest traffic information and let Google Maps show you the way.


Avail the 90-day FREE Google Play Music access without the advertisements.   Search and stream over 30 million song titles while on the road. Nevertheless, you can still have your 3rd party music apps running there just like Spotify and iHeart Radio instead.


Simply utter those words and Android Auto will take care of every little thing.It’s like having your virtual assistant to help make things easier while you drive. The voice command can answer your queries, place calls, arrange your schedule and remind you later on. (Basicallyit’s your constant companion that doesn’t complain while keeping you awake at the same time).


Access your frequently used applications and content at the comfort of your car.As you travel, you can use your favourite communication apps (Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts) anytime. Use the Text-to-speech feature so that your messages are read out while responding to messages through voice commands.

What We Think

Android Auto is probably the best thing to happen to driving when you want to use your Android device’s full potentials. Although it is believed to work only on Android Lollipop and later versions, it deserves a try on your in-dash receiver model at the very least.

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