Highlights of the Google I/O 2015: Anything You Need to Know About Android and Stuffs that work with Google

The annual Google conference just recently brought Silicon Valley’s tech giants under one roof. As the year pushes through, we have come to yet another time when we are seeing more of better things to come. In fact, there are lots of good stuffs to expect around here. Let’s see what we have to keep an eye on.


Android M

The much-awaited update from the Android authority is something we are all anticipating. It has been revealed that Android One and Nexus devices owners will be the first to experience Android M. What we don’t know yet is what the M actually stands for. If L stands for Lollipop, surely there’s something for letter M. Meanwhile, what we learned here is that Android M brings seamless links between applications as well as enhanced app permissions.

Now On Tap

Perhaps everyone knows now that Google has its similar version of Apple’s Siri, right? With the recently upgraded NOW ON TAP, users can now effortlessly access all the pertinent information just by holding on to their Android phone’s home button (much like how it is done with the Siri). How’s that for getting up-to-the-minute information and sending SMS all at the same time?

Project Ara

If you have that thing for recycling, you’ll be glad to know Google’s Project Ara could come up with the best modular smartphone ever. Much like pieces of the puzzle put together (e.g. LCD screen, processor, speaker, battery, camera, etc.) that can be traded inside and out so there’s no need to buy a brand-new Android phone.

All New Google Photos

Okay, most Android phones have built-in gallery already installed. But there’s something about Google’s Photos (application) that we can’t let slip away. Well, how’s that for unlimited storage for your photos and videos? In fact, it’s now available to make room for more selfies at your very own cloud storage.

  • 1080p maximum resolution for videos
  • 16MP maximum resolution for photos
  • Storage Capacity: UNLIMITED
  • Auto-tagging/ Timeline Feature

What we think

These are just a few of the highlights that Android owners would really love to hear from the Google event. In the meantime, we can only be just as excited as anyone as Google’s Internet of Things (IoT) are soon to automate our houses in the near future using only our very own Android smartphone.

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