Iron Man VR: Things to know

It’d have been everyone’s dream to known what it would be like to put their head inside of Iron Man’s mask. Most of the people fell in love with the way the screen looked from the inside of his helmet. All the data and information displayed on the screen using an augmented reality view can ignite anyone’s interest and excitement.

Now, it’s going to be something that we’ll would have dreamt sometime in our lives. Iron Man VR is about to come sometime this year as a PlayStation VR exclusive.

Ryan Payton and his studio, Camafloj, got permission from Jay Ong who is the head of Marvel Games to develop an Iron Man game inside of a virtual reality (VR) headset.

What is gameplay like in Iron Man VR?


The simulation for flying is similar to that of the movies. To fly, you have to point your PlayStation Move controllers, palms down, and use the buttons to control the thrusters.

During this time your screen is covered with the iconic Iron Man helmet vision. Locators lock on enemies, your health data is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and Jarvis has a few messages for your information while you play.

What is the story in Iron Man VR?


The story of Iron Man VR is quite original and developed from the ground up inspired by an interview done over at VentureBeat with Dean Takahashi. The inspiration was taken from the comics and films, but the story was entirely written in the studio for the players.

Tony Stark appears as a cocky, selfish, and cold-hearted man who’s coping with his parent’s death with alcohol and women!

The tentative release date for Iron Man VR


Till now there is no official release date. Although there are no pre-order links on Amazon or PlayStation Store, you can get some inside information on the Sony page.

This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game and will be upgraded for the PlayStation 4 Pro. We’ll get back to you with more information on other features and parts of the game as it will be upgraded on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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