Tips and Tricks to Play the Pokies Better

Here, in this piece of information, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to get the most of this gaming experience. These are just the guidelines, as there is no set rule to beat the pokies system as chance and luck have a lot to do with this game. Just play well following below tips and let the luck be at your side!

Best Strategies for Playing Pokies

Time to Play

Slot machines, which are mostly known as pokies in Australia, are one of the most entertaining, popular and entertaining forms of gaming all over the world. Not limited to large gaming floors in popular casinos, these machines can be found in many commercial complexes, pubs, and clubs along with the smaller casino, or of course on the internet. It is the biggest truth and an open secret that these machines are one of the most addictive forms of gaming. This is what makes it even more important to know your limits. Identifying these is not easy these days, but if you are aware of yourself and your surroundings, the more enjoyable playing your favorite game will become.

Happy Mood – In what mood you play pokies also matters. In fact, it matters in everything you do. When you are feeling happy, this is the best time to play. Because playing pokies in a bad mood will only catapult the negativity in your surroundings leading you to make wrong decisions.

Financial Status – It is always suggested to consider your affordability to spend money on gambling. Do not play pokies when you have a family to feed. Kids are the biggest priority and often get expensive as there could be several surprise costs that come often, better to save that money for the more realistic and necessary stuff and keep your bellies full first. In fact, it’s distracting to play when your tummy is empty!

Excess Cash – Obviously, playing with money that you don’t have or playing with borrowed money is the biggest tragedy. Play only when you have some additional cash because gaming is a form of entertainment, so it should be treated as one. Do not use your credit cards at the casino and only bring what you can afford.

Limitations of Spinning

Keep Shifting Machines – If you did not win after eight to ten spins, it is better to shift to another machine or try free pokie games. Often a change of game, scenario, and scenery can bring good luck and it also helps for a new outlook and energy to play. You may switch to your earlier machines after a while with fresh mood.

Keep it Real – It is always great to have a couple of drinks to have a bit of a buzz when playing, but never overdo it. Keep it limited when parked in front of the pokies. A stable and clear head always make a right and more alert decisions offering you a better experience on the gaming floor.

Where to Play?

Relax – In case you are getting pissed off at a machine, due to whatsoever the reason, better take a deep breath and move on. You might get yourself not comfortable at a machine, or your fellow member might have rubbed you the wrong way. Just get off from that area and play on another machine.

Familiar Casinos:  It is always suggested to play in a casino you are familiar with. Your nearby or local club or pub could be the ideal place where you may regularly drink or eat. Or if you are visiting a larger casino, take a companion along as a playmate for the night. This will help people like your friends, staff, or other players, and they will come to know who you are, and may get friendly enough to help you out if you find yourself in a dicey situation.

Get Accustomed to New Casinos: Playing in a new casino can be a challenge. There’s always a time of getting to know the place, the pokies, ambiance, system, and the beers. When visiting a new establishment, take a buddy and have a great time. Surely your next visit will be better for playing in real online pokies. The consecutive visits can become the most memorable time of your life.

Although slots were invented in the early 1900s in the USA, poker machines weren’t released into Australia until 1955, and then get the legal acceptance one year later. Earlier it was an old machine with a system of pulling the lever and watching the reels spin. In the mid-1980s video slot machines were introduced and the face of gaming in casinos and registered clubs in this country changed immensely.


New Zealand people also love their pokies. They even invented the slang name ‘pokies’! It is only here, that slots are referred to as such, in fact, if you call them pokies in Las Vegas they’d look at you strangely. They are more accustomed to the standard name, ‘slots’ or ‘slot machines’. So hopefully, the above tips and tricks would help you have a great time and some real money pokies experience next time you plan to head towards your local casino.


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