All About Huawei Mate X Folding Smartphone

Huawei is not backing down from the challenge of a folding smartphone and thus it decided to release one in September. Their new phone Huawei Mate X is about to make its way to the market in September which is even rumored to derive the 5G support.

Mate X Coming in September

The Huawei Mate X is apparently delayed until September due to the tests being carried on the network compatibility and app support according to the spokesperson. He even addressed the CNBC about how they don’t want to endorse something that can ruin their reputation.

Some issues have arisen regarding the phone about it not being able to support Google Android as per the spokesperson. However, this ruckus has not in any way fortunately delayed any consistent efforts for the search of future software versions of the phone.


Huawei Mate X has a unique build that refurbishes the concept of smartphone space in cell phones due to the way it folds. It isn’t anything like the Samsung Galaxy Fold but more like the Royale Flexpai.

On comparing the two, the Huawei mate X has 6.6 inches and 2480 x 1148 inches pixel resolution while the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 4.6 inches screen. With this, Huawei makes the point of being more productive and distinctive for the user than the Galaxy Fold. When the phone is folded the rear part has a resolution screen of about 2480 x 892 pixels. To get an extravagant view of it, fold the device open and you will observe the 2480 x 2200 pixel resolution.

Hiding beneath the curve is the gyrating point of the screen which is called the Falcon Hinge and in an unfolded view the screen measures about 5.4 mm and in a folded view about 11 mm.

The external specifications such as the camera lenses and the power button are situated on a bar on one side of the Mate X which also contains a fingerprint sensor. Sophisticatedly built, this bar makes one-handed use of the Mate X much easier.

However ostentatious the sight would be, Huawei Mate X is still a phone with certain Major setbacks. Like the one when the phone was unfolded, ripples were formed due to the unfolding on the glass screen and thus it may not be the alluring sight we want to see just yet. It hasn’t even been held or interacted with either.


With the Kirin 980 processor and the new Balong 5000 5G modem, Mate X also has a built-in Antenna inside. It boasts about how fast its connectivity is on 5G and apparently a 1GB file can be downloaded in 3 seconds.

Unlike Huawei’s effort of 40-Watt Supercharge technology last year, this year Huawei is using an 80-Watt Supercharge battery which goes from 0 to 85 percent in 30 minutes and so the battery performance is good as well. The RAM or inter-storage space has not yet been specified.

Price and Release Date

Huawei released the Mate X at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where a mid-2019 launch date was specified. But now it is stated by Huawei it will be launched in September as the tests are still on. The price could be 2,300 euros, which converts over to around $2,600.


That’s all the information that is available about the Huawei folding smartphone so far but stay tuned to get new updates.

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