Casino Star – The New Slots Application for Android

Introductory note

Do you love to play pokies on your Android device? Then, you have another new pokie that you can enjoy playing on your favorite device. The Casino Star is a new app which allows you to play casino slots on your Android device. This new app is developed by YoYouMobile and is a game that can keep you busy for hours of fun. One of the things that you will definitely enjoy about this pokie is that when you play it on a daily basis, you will be rewarded with a daily bonus game, in which you can win extra coins in the game.


Casino Star review

Casino Star is a game in which you first enter the main menu, which contains nine different levels that you can play. Anyway, eight of these games are blocked in the beginning and you need to unlock them by gaining a certain amount of experienced in the unlocked stage. As soon as you earned enough experience and bonus coins, you will be able to unlock the next stage of this amazing game.

Also in the main menu of Casino Star, you will be able to see your statistics, which include the player name, your avatar and the coins you have. Another thing that you will definitely enjoy about this app is that it is online, so that you will not play alone, but against other players.

In order to play this game, you need to place your bet and then spin the reels in order to see the results of your game. As in any other pokie game, you will win amounts which depend on the amount you used to bet, so that the higher is the amount you bet, the higher will be your wins. However, you need to pay attention to your money, not to run out of it.


Some of the features of Casino Star include the following:

–          Earning experience will unlock further stages in the game

–          Bonus games available

–          The opportunity to win extra bonus coins

Final notes

If you really enjoy playing pokies on your Android device, then Casino Star is the perfect choice for you. With a variety of stages available and different difficulty levels, you will have hours of entertainment, even when you’re on the go. This app has amazing graphics and sound effects, which will enhance the playing experience that you have on your Android.

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