Android 4.4 will make phones budget much better!

Are you looking for special announcement by Google? Yes, you are on right place. Google has announced the next and latest Android (4.4) version, which will aim at less pricey phones, and can possibly make android casino games available for a wider audience, thanks to the lower ram requirements.


The new version is nicknamed KitKat, and it is promised to run perfectly on 512 megabytes RAM, which is a huge step in the right direction of trying to make some budget phone able to run Android operation systems. Google also revealed the next version of their flagship phone, the Nexus 5. Let’s see the specifications of the new phone below.

Nexus 5, a perfect fit for online gaming

Google just publicized the latest version of their priced phone, the Nexus 5. The new phone will come with the latest, well optimized android 4.4 (KitKat), which has the potential to improve the gaming experience of not only the newer phones, but lower priced, or even budget phones as well. When it comes to the Nexus 5, the new phone seems like it is going to be a perfect fit for online gaming. It will come with the following:

  • A huge, 5 inch screen that can display 1080p
  • 2 gigabyte ram
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual-band 802.11ac WIFI
  • NFC on board

In essence, if there is an existing method a device can be connected through, Nexus 5 will have it.

The new design of the phone

The design of Nexus 5 is a little bit different compared to the earlier versions of the phone, unlike the glass construction it was the standard for the Nexus 4. The new phone has more plastic in it, but not the cheap kind, instead it uses a kind of plastic that’s called “silky texture”.

The front is made out of Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass 3 to be precise. The front features: a 1.3 megapixel camera, while the back has an 8 megapixel one, which now boasts a feature that’s called OIS, or optical image stabilization, which means the phone’s camera, will be capable of reducing blur. Google will be releasing 2 models of the phone, one for North America, and one for Europe both will come in 16, and 32 gigabytes versions, the former will cost $349, while for the latter, the customers will have to pay $399. Nexus 5 promises to be one of the most impressive android phones up to date.

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