Things to Know About Slot Game Variance

Most of the slot players are not concerned about what type of online slot games they choose to play, it is of the essence to know how a slot has been crafted to not only play but also how it has been programmed to pay out. It will enable you to locate a slot that suits your personal playing style.

There is one specific aspect of any slot game that can affect the way that slot game plays and pays and it is known as variance. Every slot machine has one of the following types of variance associated with it. Let’s find out the slot game variance that you should look out for when playing a slot and to find a slot that is going to play and pay in a specific way.

Low-Risk Low Variance Slots

A low variance slot game is the most appealing to several slot players who are looking to have a long playing session. Low variance slots are low-risk slots as these have been designed this way.

When playing a low variance slot you will often find a low-value jackpot, and when playing you will get more low valued winning combinations appearing on your activated paylines. These regular yet low valued winning payouts keep fluctuating in amount and will not exhaust your bankroll as fast as in some of the medium and high variance slots.

Low variance slots offer low reward types. With a lot of regularly winning combinations you can get true value from those bonuses, and if you could be lucky you may reach and surpass the required play through these bonuses and may get to a point where you can be able to cash out your winnings.

Medium Risk Medium Variance Slots

The most commonly found type of slot machine to play online are medium risk medium variance slots that are designed to offer a more medium risk type of playing format and is crafted in a way that usually do not give you any unpleasant surprises while playing.

These slot games deliver both high and low jackpots. These video slot games are designed as medium variance ones that offer bonus game features and bonuses where you can win both low and high amounts of cash.

Although there is some component of risk while playing any slot game and especially when you opt to play a medium variance slot you would get a good chance of winning both low and high winning payouts.

If you are a conservative online slot player and wish to opt for a medium risk type of slot playing experience then this types of games will definitely worth your time. You will always have a good chance of having a winning session as much as you will have a great chance of having a losing slot playing session!

If you are not ready to take the risk, it will be in your benefit to sticking to the low variance structured slot games talked about above, or if you want to take some amount of risk then have a few spins on the high variance slot games as mentioned below!

High-Risk High Variance Slots

This type of slots would require nerves of steel and a very large slot playing bankroll to play and win the high variance slot games. Such types of slots have been designed in a way that the payouts listed on the pay table are mostly very high paying ones and when playing these slots there is every possibility to get a huge and high-valued winning combination creating on any activated paylines.

Wild Multiplier symbols are the major cause of forming these high payouts that increase the value of any winning combination formed with those symbols. It is equally possible that when enjoying a high variance slot game the bonus games which can be fuelled offer big wins.  Often high paying free spins rounds offer high multiplier values or bonus games like the pick to win rounds which allows you to keep on selecting locations off the bonus screen for a countless number of times until the game is over.

You might also find a downside while playing a high variance slot game wherein you will discover the number of low to mid-sized winning combinations that you can and will spin in is greatly less in number.


So, it is always suggested when playing any high variance slot don’t get surprised by having spin after spin on which no winning combinations are formed. Because very frequently a winning combination or bonus game is awarded on which some mega-sized payouts are paid to you.

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