Boost Mobile – Enjoy your Summer with New Plans Including Double Data for a Limited Time

Boost Mobile summer plans
Boost Mobile – Enjoy your Summer with New Plans Including Double Data for a Limited Time

Boost Mobile recently has announced its new range of plans offering double data on selected plans. The new range of Boost Mobile plans includes double data for your first 2 recharges on the $30 plan and above, if you activate a new SIM from today until the 6th of February 2018. Boost is also introducing data rollover for unused data on $30+ recharges making that data last even longer.

Boost launched this new offer for customers considering a new option in prepaid.  You get more data, more coverage, more Speed, no Lock contracts, data Rollover and much more. Also, each of the new plans also includes data-free music streaming from Apple Music.

Boost Mobile- Data Plans

Boost Mobile new plans start at $30 $40 and $50 with 8GB of data and 12GB of data respectively. With the double data offer, that means that you could score 24GB of data per month for $50 for two months, along with unlimited standard national calls and texts. After that two month period, you’d be looking at a 12GB plan. The double data deal will run from today through to 6 February 2018.

To stream music data free with Boost join Boost Mobile first if you’re new (grab a SIM, activate it, then recharge on any plan); Sign up to Apple Music; and if you have an active recharge, then data-free music streaming will automatically be applied.

Apple Music Compatibility iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.4 or higher; watchOS and TVOS for Mac & PC via iTunes and for Android 4.3 or higher SONOS (Controller build 6.2.2 or higher)

Boost $15 Add On

Boost also offers now $15 ad which includes unlimited calls and text to standard international numbers across 10 countries including Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and USA. That $15 credit can then be used to call or text to countries not included in those 10. Boost does have a 28-day expiry on their ‘monthly’ plans, making it a shorter option than some of the major carriers but it is running on the Telstra 4G network.

If you like the look of the new plans, you can check them out here

Ways to Recharge with Boost

Ways to charge with boost
Ways to Recharge with Boost

There are four ways to recharge with Boost. The most popular option is the Boost Mobile App.

  • Download the app from app stores for Android or iPhone and recharge
  • Dialling #111# from your phone and recharge
  • Visit from your phone’s browser to recharge
  • Or you can recharge via pay with a credit card, PayPal or a voucher purchased from a retailer.

Also, there is auto-recharge that will automatically recharge each month so you can get on with the more exciting stuff. Your recharge will be set to the same date each month. So if it is a 31 day month your recharge will last for 31 days! Recharge using your credit card on the Boost Mobile App, or by dialling #111# on your phone then save the details and select “auto recharge” set your start date and never think about recharging again.

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