Android Apps that can gets you physically fit and ready

Hundreds of apps are available to help you with about anything and everything but searching for an app that would best suit your need could be a challenge in itself. There are apps for weather forecasting, directions for finding places, nearest establishment, if you can name it, they have it.  You just have to trust your gut that you are choosing the right one that you have decided to download.   If not, you just un-install and move on to the next one.

As the Holiday Season is surely the busiest time of the year, any activity related to physical fitness would be the last thing on your mind.  This could hit you like a double-edged sword as this is also the time when you think of self-control and diet the least.

You could start your year by going to the gym but it’s such an effort and a bit expensive and it surely be cramped with a lot of sweaty people like you feeling heavy and guilty over their past indiscretions.

It would be more practical and much easier to download an app that could help you start exercising again in your own time without shelling out too much needed dollars.

You can try the following fitness and lifestyle apps for Android:

7 Minute Workout – best for very busy people

A very good app for people just newly converted to thinking fit.  It demonstrates a workout routine that you can complete in seven minutes.  It can promote weight loss, build up muscles as well as enhance cardio vascular functions.  What it lacks in length of time it makes up in having short but high-intensity routine.

Google Fit – best for practicality

Google has developed its very own fitness and health app which is simply straightforward without too much features but it is keenly incorporated with Android Wear and Android which makes it a convenient choice.  You can also visit for a web interface.

RunKeeper – best for all around fitness

Runkeeper keeps its good standing because of its good features as well as its integration of several third party services such as Apple Health and Google Fit.  If you are an advocate of running, this could be your option.  Don’t be misled by its name because it also has features for other activities such biking or gym workouts thus making it an all-around, complete monitoring app.

Runtastic – best for running

If a complete cycling and running stats are what you need then Runstastic can do a lot for you.  As soon as you’re done with your run, the app can map where you have been complete with analysis on elevation, distance, heart rate, speed, among others and you can even observe your activities in 3D.

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