Android Exclusives: Apps to Plan Your Next Getaway, Build a Boat and Take High Precision Photographs

With the wide choices of photo-editing applications, puzzle games and day-to-day planner you can download at the Play Store, do you know which one really works for you?


Sometimes it’s hard to make your own decision most especially if that involves a lot of everyone you know. Microsoft Corporation now brings to you a communication tool for Android via Tossup app to make things less complicated. If you’re planning on your next trip with your buddies, better tossup the concerns right on this mobile app and get the answers you need in an instant!

  • Invite via Facebook. Get your friend’s point of view by inviting them through your favourite social media. You can also have everyone aboard via SMS or E-mail
  • Choose Venues. Plan your meeting place and get everyone agree using the poll
  • Post and Share. Easily find and pick a restaurant by giving them links to more information
  • Friends cast their votes. Get an instant response whether YES or NO to make headcounts easier than ever
  • Gather Opinions. Make the best decision with everyone involved in the plan

You Must Build A Boat (YMBAB)

Looking for another puzzle game to test your wits? Let EightyEight Games show you why youmustbuild a boat to prove that you’re smart enough. Travel the world in seven seas with this new Android app and have a swell good time playing different roles. You Must Build A Boat is a speed runner game that makes you build your own sea vessel along the way. Let’s hop along with these amazing game highlights:

  • A unique new puzzle game
  • Strategic gaming
  • Role playing element
  • Tile matching
  • Perform magic spells, moves and different attacks
  • Upgrade your boat
  • Recruit your crews
  • Different dungeons to discover


Polarr Inc. has got something for the Selfie-loving crowd. With Polarr, everyone will have their own professionally done photographs in no time! What makes it better than the web app is that you can take it along to capture those moments out of the pocket. It’s FREE to download and could give you high-precision editing tools like a pro, which you can sync later on in your PC. Here’s a closer look at the features.

  • Make gyroscopic adjustments
  • Pre-set collection of filters
  • Intuitive Touch Controls
  • Highly advanced photo filters
  • Chromatic Shift, Denoise, Dehaze, Vignette,
  • Distort, Temperature, Shadowing,
  • Highlighting, Contrasting and Exposure
  • Change colours with Split Tone
  • Adjustable tone curves and HSL channels
  • Undo and Redo timeline for editing

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