Google I/O Developer Conference Update: New Projects Unveiled for Better Android Experience Plus Some Useful Apps to Try on Your Device

For an optimum mobile and digital experience, Google I/O 2015 has got more to push technology to your lives even further. And for that, new projects let you interact with your gadget a little bit closer to convenience. Let’s make way for Google’s Project Jacquard, Project Abacus, Project Soli and Project Vault joining the fray of revolutionary products coming to your hands (and body) very soon.


Project Jacquard

Google I/O introduces Project Jacquard so you can turn your clothes into a virtual controller, a keyboard and mouse pad. With this innovation, you can practically use your body to interact with your Android tablet, smartphone or even with your PC. Instilling computer to the fabric of something you wear actually make up this new technology. The conductive yarns are called smart fabric, which has taken smart dressing to a whole new level.

New App Alert: Speaking of dressing up, if you’re always clueless about what to wear, did you know that there are apps that uses artificial intelligence and highly advanced algorithm to mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe collection? Download DiModa at the Play Store to find out more.

Project Abacus

If your Android device now comes with finger print scanner for authentication, Project Abacus has got something better. Your smartphone will soon have an extraordinary procedure of unlocking your secret device. Snoopy people will no longer bother you because Project Abacus will save the day. Here’s how it works.

  • Detects the user according to his or her manner of using the phone
  • Your gadget will soon detect your face, voice, typing mannerism, usage and biometrics altogether for secure access

Project Soli

Take control of your Android smartwatch and other wearable gadgets just by raising your arm. Project Soli lets you customise your device and perform commands according to your movements. Soli technology can be embedded to your Android wearable device to make your tasks breezier than ever.

New App Alert: If you love collecting expensive and stylish wristwatch, GovBerg On Time lets you show off your collection to the mobile world. While in there, you can post pictures of your watches and also trade with other collectors worldwide with the Buy & Sell Feature.

Project Vault

If you have sensitive data that needed the best security encryption ever available, add Project Vault to your wish list. The microSD size vault is a fully operational computer designed for large organisations requiring stringent data security.

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