The 8 Best Voice Actions You Can Create for Your Android

Voice Actions

Do you like your Android phone to become your assistant to have your commands! Why not it can be done! To start a voice action, either tap the microphone icon on the Google search widget at the top of your home screen or open Google Now and say “Google” out loud.

Your phone or tablet will start listening to your voice. You can now say something out loud to perform a voice action. Let us see the eight best voice actions that can be performed with Android mobile devices.

Google Search

You can command your phone to do some google search. If you say something that Google doesn’t recognize as another voice action, it will perform a simple Google search for it. If you say something like “photos of android phones”, Google will perform a search for android phone photos and show them to you.

This voice action can do wonders with Google’s knowledge graph. Google if knows the answer to your question that you ask like how many colors are there in a rainbow? Then Google will not only show you the answer to your question but speak it back to you.

Open an App

You can say “Open” to open an app. For example, “Open Gmail” opens the Gmail app.

Set an Alarm

For setting an alarm you can command by saying “Set alarm for [time]”. You can say something like “Set alarm for 10 minutes from now” or “Set alarm for 6 a.m.”. You can also add a label. For example, you could say “Set alarm for 40 minutes from now, label, laundry is done.”

Make a Note

To make a note to yourself, say “note to self” and continue talking to leave your note.

Send an Email

Voice Actions can be used to send an entire email. For example, you could say “Send email to Winkie, subject, Our meeting, message, I’ll be right there.”

Go to a Website

You can open a specific website by saying “Go to [website address]”. For example, “Pokiesforandroid. com” would bring you to our website.

Show Directions

To get directions to a location, say “directions to [location]”. This opens the Google Maps app with directions to your specified location.

Post to Google+

If you use Google+, you can use Voice Actions to post directly to it. Just say “Post to Google+” followed by your message.

Did you enjoyed! Share your experience in putting up voice actions in your Android phone.

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