Smart Ideas for Tomorrow: New Apps to Adore and Some Solar Chargers To Take Charge of Your Android

These days, the prices of basic utilities, Internet and electricity are less than affordable.  Good thing, some researchers and developers are coming up with more ways than one to promote solar energy. Today, you can recharge your batteries with a Wi-Fi- hotspot giving off the power. Paper- thin power chargers can be carried along with your Notebook. We will soon be seeing the wind turbines harnessing power and generating electricity for the future. Is there something else we might be missing?


Get ready to charge your Android phones under a solar-powered palm tree, get FREE Wi-Fi under it while downloading the hottest app at the play store. We’ve come up with a short list you’d love to hear about as we bring you the latest tech in the frontlines.

Trees that are made for Your Kind of Lifestyle

Smart Palms are everywhere when you visit the tech hubs in Dubai in your next travel. Thanks to solarised e-tress, the sprouting high-tech palm trees gives you Free Wi-Fi and also charges your smartphone batteries. D-Idea Media powered up the trees with photovoltaic panels and came up with 21.3feet tall charging stations that you can share with 8 people. Aside from providing shade, the leaves are also embedded with enough solar power to provide 100-meter range of Free Wi-Fi. While in there, you can snap selfies under the tree with the built-in camera mounted in the monitor while waiting for your next itinerary.

Finally You Can Stay Connected Wherever You Are

On the other side of the world with little or slow Wi-Fi connection, here’s something to rave about. Facebook Lite is now available for Android made specifically for developing countries with less than 5-star signal reception. If you happen to be in such places whether you live there or having your vacation, you can download Facebook Lite to have the app running at optimum performance even when you’re having trouble with low bandwidth.

  • Update your Facebook status at the remotest places in the region
  • Facebook Lite comes with 1MB to maximise your data connection
  • Low resolution and lesser amount of network requests

Better yet, Download WiFiMAPPER app and see where the hotspots are located

Speaking of Wi-Fi, there’s an app you can download at the Play Store for your Android device. WiFIMAPPER is developed by OpenSignal to let you find the best and most appropriate Wi-Fi signal in your area. Best of all, it’s FREE. But as for FREE Wi-Fi, that’s another story.

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