Galaxy S5: The Phone Killer’s Choice

Samsung Galaxy S5

The new Samsung S5 has features that make it the Android phone for everyone from construction worker to fitness buff. It will become a universal cell phone for the masses. Recent reviews reveal that its performance has surpassed all expectations.


A key feature of this phone is its waterproof and dust proof design. In the past users would damage their phones by spilling liquid, or dropping them into a mud puddle, but now the Galaxy S5 comes waterproof and dustproof. A rubber gasket behind the back cover, with its back cover secured in place by a clip, enables the Galaxy S5 to stay submerged in three feet of water up to thirty minutes in a mud puddle or ocean shore.

5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display  

The 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display allows brilliant color that can be seen in any type of lighting. In the past, direct sunlight made it difficult to see the screen using AMOLED, but with Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology this nagging problem has been dealt with. They reduced the size of gaps between layers of the screen, and used PenTile technology in order to give better resolution. The Android 4.4 KitKat OS coupled with a lightning quad-core processor results in a better response time, and less power consumption.

16-megapixel camera

The sharpness, color, and level of detail in the Samsung Galaxy S5 is astounding.The 16 megapixel count brings sharper details and higher resolutions for cropped images. You won’t lose the details that you would in lower-resolution camera. A feeling of depth is delivered by using the New Selective Focus feature. Select an object that you wish to focus on while blurring out the surroundings.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is simple to use. You simply select the icon from Samsung’s preloaded S Health 3.0 app. Place your index finger on the flash module just to the right of the flash. After holding your finger there for a couple of seconds the monitor will calculate your heart rate.The Heart rate app,along with Samsung’s nutritional S Health™ app works in trinity with the phone’s built in pedometer. You now will have a well-rounded guide to tracking your burnt calories.

Samsung’s Fingerprint Scanner

The Fingerprint scanner conveniently saves three profiles. It also works for PayPal or any mobile site that uses PayPal.

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