Google Has a New Technology That Will Almost Make Apps Run On All Devices

There is nothing more frustration for developers then writing apps that are all separate for every platform. Google is working on technology that will help apps run on all platforms such as:

  • Windows Phones
  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android

Imagine being a developer of apps and learning there just might be a technology that will eliminate you from making a different app for every platform. Take things a step farther and the apps will be able to run rather connected to the Internet or not.


Platform Circle

Considering all the time tied up in porting apps it is no wonder the developers do not really bother with it. It is not something that will be done if the numbers just do not point that it is really worth the headache.

To simplify things look at the Windows Phone and Instagram. The Windows Phone only has a 3 percent market share, which means it would be a waste of time to develop an Instagram app for it unlike the demand of Android and iOS.

Self Perpetuating

When shopping for a new device one of the attractions is having apps that are actually wanted. When the device does not have some of the more popular apps then the consumer is more likely to look for a different device. With the demand being in Smartphone’s consumer have more choices about which device to go with.

Web Apps

In order for developers to have more time making more apps they have often wondered if Web apps would ever come up with something. In other words developers were hoping for software to be developed that lives in the cloud, but still runs the browsers, like Google Docs. When scripting and HTML technologies landed developers were hopeful this would be the solution.

It kind of took care of the problem a tad bit. A Web page could be built and then a browser could launch it within. There were still issues to work around though, like being connected to the Internet for things to work.

Google Developers

Web apps are the key to Chrome OS and Chrome. Google’s developers are tackling the problem of being able to use a Web app that will actually run on operating systems, no matter what kind they are, that allow Chrome to open on. If the developers can tackle this one problem then developers of apps will be able to extend the app world in leaps and bounds with no restrictions.

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