Anything You Love To Hear About Android: See What You’ve been Missing

Google is perhaps everyone’s favourite search engine. And we bet you’ve already seen Google’s new logo lately. It comes as no surprise that they want to keep things novel all the time. Throughout the years, we’ve come to this homepage for anything we wanted to look for. We even came up with phrases such as “Just Google it!” or something like that. But here’s good news for all Android owners who just happen to misplace their Android tabs/ smartphones somewhere. You’ll be glad to know that Google has taken the leaps to bring searching to a higher notch! Yes, you guessed it right! Finally you can look for your lost Android device just by “Googling it”! Here’s how…

  1. Type in “find my phone” in your PC (Using Google’s search engine)
  2. Just make sure you have installed the most updated version of Google app on your Android
  3. Log on to the same Google account (Sign in to the browser on your PC with what you use on your Android device)
  4. Google will show a map where your missing Android device is located

What Time Tells More About You

Do you already have an Android smart watch? Well, you can finally customise the design of your watch using Android Wear. Although most Android smart watches come with several pre-installed watch faces, the Internet once again has brought in so many faces to choose from. Now since we can’t get enough of anything new, let us help you come up with different faces for your Android wear.


  1. Get your smart watch ready
  2. Make sure it comes with Android Wear model
  3. Install Watchmaker or Facer apps
  4. Download the faces on Facer within the app
  5. Download the faces separately on your Android phone using the Watchmaker app and sync to your watch
  6. Enjoy the different looks on your Android smart watch everyday!

What’s That Again?

Do you speak several languages? Let the multiple languages in Google’s VOICE search do the talking! Using your Android device, you can make searching a breeze when you just have to talk it through and get the answers back in your chosen language. Isn’t that cool?

  1. Tap on the Google app on your Android device and look for the Settings
  2. Open the menu, choose VOICE and pick up to 5 Languages
  3. Choose a default language and save
  4. Have fun talking while doing your next Google search!

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