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Amazon Apps Store
Do you visit Amazon online store often! What about visiting the store from your Android phone! Many of you might be already using it with your mobile device. But for those who are yet to start with let me recall that Amazon launched its Appstore for Australia about almost three years back and is now widely appreciated and most popular to use.

Here you will find in brief as how you can install the Amazon App on your Android phone and make its full use.

You can find Amazon app at Amazon online website itself or also can get it from Google Play.

As a first step create your account with Amazon if you don’t have one. You have to submit your email address and have a password for it.

Welcome Screen

On your Android device, go to Settings > Security. Make sure the checkbox for “Unknown sources” is ticked. (If you don’t see this option, check under Settings > Applications instead

security screen

Open the browser on your Android device. Go to and tap the download button. If you get a warning popup message, press OK.

Amazon- Mobile
You should see “AmazonApps-release.apk” in your pull-down notifications. Once it has finished downloading, tap on it to start the installation. Read the conditions of installation, then tap on “Accept”.

install app screen

The installation should only take a few seconds. Then Tap “Open”.

App Installed

Now just sign in with your Amazon account details and start exploring the different apps, categories and menu options.

Welcome screen1

You’ll find the Amazon Appstore in your app drawer as “Appstore”. Remember to go back into Settings and uncheck the “Unknown sources” box if that’s how you want it.

Few Amazon Tips

  • Get cash back if you see a price drop on Amazon after you buy something.
  • Get a price match refund on televisions and cell phones if you see a better deal somewhere else.
  • Use Amazon’s trade-in program to get the most value for your old stuff.
  • Find great deals on new and used items with Amazon Warehouse, Amazon Outlet, and MyHabit.
  • Skip the minimum needed to buy cheap “Add-on” items with a pre-order.
  • Get price drop alerts and see price history with CamelCamelCamel. (Price Tracker)
  • Get a refund or a replacement for a broken item without having to ship it back.
  • Take advantage of quick sales with Amazon Gold Box and Amazon Coupons.
  • Share your Amazon Prime two-day shipping with four other people.
  • Avoid paying state sales tax by buying from a third-party seller.
  • Find textbooks for way cheaper by looking at Amazon’s websites in other countries.
  • Cancel and get a refund on the $99 Amazon Prime membership you forgot about.
  • College students get a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime and discounts with Amazon Student.
  • Save 20% on diapers and 15% off of your baby registry with Amazon Mom.
  • Find anyone’s Amazon Wishlist with just their email or name.
  • Get a discounted Kindle book and a free Android app every day.
  • Save money and time by subscribing to items you buy regularly.
  • Get faster shipping or a replacement if your package is stuck.
  • Get a refund on shipping or an Amazon Prime extension if a delivery misses its guaranteed date.
  • Get a replacement order or a refund for a package that has been stolen.

Any thing more useful with Amazon App? Do share!

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