Smile! Google To Update Android Camera

Report Stating New Update To Google Android Camera App.

Google, to keep their camera app up-to-date, is releasing an Android update with changes to their panoramas and portraits.

Selfie Madness With New Android Camera Improvement

To the satisfaction of many Android users, Google is set to release an update to their Android camera application. Allegedly supporting a new, easy to use UI with a lot more features, Google plans to make this Android camera update more focused on the selfie. However, these is not the only kind of pictures that you will see a change with your Android phone:

  • New filters

  • More effects

  • An improved user experience and interface

Once complete, some people are even speculating that the camera app will be on par and competitive with cameras from Samsung and Sony.

Better Panorama And Portraits

Another great aspect of this camera update from Android is the improvement to panorama’s and portraits. The panorama shots that are promised are supposed to be higher-resolution. There will also be an addition to portrait shots that will allow for the background to be blurred to provide more focus on the person in the portraits that you take with your Android phone. This is a feature that the HTC One already has built in and that many Android users have been clamoring for.

One of the most complained about aspects of the current Android camera app was its photo framing. From what sources have gathered, this problem is going to be resolved with the Android camera update. Hopefully this will mean that there will be able to know exactly what you photographed before clicking the camera. It would truly be a god send and show that Google listens to their consumers.

Speculation Still Flying

Currently, there is no set date for the release of this update. However, many Android phone users are looking forward to its release. It is thought that the new Android app will also allow for importing filters created by third party companies, if this is the case it will truly be a great addition.

However, until we know for certain, speculation will continue to fly when it comes to the Google Android camera update. With some individuals guessing that the camera app will be released with the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update, it is possible that the update could be a totally separate update for all Android users.

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