Get Awed with Technology Every Single Day: Android Apps That Make You Go “Hmmmm….”

New Android apps come by at the Play Store faster than you can finish trying on the latest app you just downloaded. But while some apps are better thrown out of the window for good, there are some of those that are simply quite impressive. Here’s a rundown of Android apps that we think you should check out.


Guys that still love playing with their toys can experience how to make one of their own. Autodesk Inc develops Tinkerplay under its very popular AutoCAD design software. Tinkerplay lets you design your own toys and use it with the very latest 3D printing technology. If you are that creative thinker, you can build your own mech warrior figure out of your Android tab! Tinkerplay also comes with pre-installed templates but why not enjoy the freedom in modifying the parts to your taste?



We all get to experience the embarrassment of sending the wrong text message to the wrong recipient. There are also unavoidable circumstances wherein we tend to suddenly regret what we just said to the receiver. Is there such a way we can delete it from their smartphone? RakEm is a heaven-sent FREE app from a company based in New York, allowing you to make the embarrassing text disappear after you just sent it.


You can impress those in front of you by “swooshing” on your next slide presentation. Imagine yourself there in front as you take control of the slides by raising your arm and swiping with your hand. How can that be? Swoosh’s custom gesture recognition software can detect your motion so you can control everything hands free. All it takes is to simply download the app on your Android device and place it near the monitor you will be using for the presentation.

Google Handwriting Input

If you think Google VOICE has got it made, wait till you try Google’s handwriting input for your Android. You can scribble it down this time with your very own handwriting! Make your grocery list; jot down lectures and even something to remind you of your next appointment. What’s more, you don’t need a stylus pen to go with it. Google Handwriting Input can recognise 82 languages and comes with this intuitive search feature so you don’t actually have to write all of them down when looking for something. Check out the similar apps:

  • Evernote
  • Papyrus – Natural Note Taking
  • LectureNotes

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