Have you seen the news? It’s on Android.


If you need to stay abreast of the latest developments, you do not need to be in front of a TV or a newspaper. You can get it all on you Android phone with a variety of apps available from the Google Play Store.

Here is a short list of apps with top ratings in the Play Store, rated by at least four reviewers. Some sources take the form of a digital newspaper, while others take the form of a radio station.

Australian News is an online “e-paper” and live news application that enables you to read the top 75+ Australian daily newspapers with a single touch. Some of the newspapers included are the Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, 7 News and there are many more. Users can build their own list of newspapers and can share stories on their Facebook timeline or Google+ or other social media platforms.

Australia Today is designed to watch all the latest Australian news, providing links to more than twenty news websites available in Australia. These include ABC News, BBC Australia, Channel 4, CNBC News, Daily Mail and many more.

Armed forces

If it’s the developments in the Defence Force you’re interested in, there is Air Force News Australia. The three digital newspapers (Air Force News, Navy News and Army News) are the official medium of the Department of Defence to inform personnel of policy changes in plain English, general developments relevant to the Australian Defence Force and international military news and features.

Hear it instead of reading it

Australia Radios is a simple yet powerful application that can listen to a variety of local stations and share them with friends. The long list of radio stations include KIIS, Gold 104.3, 2GB 873AM, 3AW, 693AM and foreign stations like Rete Italia 1539AM, Al Quran Al Kareem Radio and Muslim Community Radio.

Once you have selected how you want your daily news fix, you can be assured you will not miss a thing that happened in the last day or even the last few hours.



Anton Venter

Anton covered Google technology for over four years from the the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. He has reviewed mobiles and Android devices for a number of local blogs and magazines; Anton loves researching and numbers.

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